Jordan implements strict regulations for used batteries

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AMMAN — Special instructions have reiterated the ban on importing used batteries or their parts into the Kingdom. This ban is only accepted for those used in hybrid and electric vehicles, specifically for personal use. Scrap dealers are strictly prohibited from dealing with used batteries without first obtaining the necessary permits. It is also prohibited to own facilities for storing or transporting battery units until official approvals have been obtained.اضافة اعلان

These instructions, issued by the Battery Consumption Management and Trading Authority and published in the official newspaper, have empowered the Ministry of Environment to seize quantities of used batteries that are being traded illegally. These batteries are then to be stored at the hazardous waste treatment center in Suwaiq, Khaberni reported.

Permitted solely to facilities that have been authorized
The sale of used batteries or any of their parts is permitted solely to facilities that have been authorized for battery assembly, storage, recycling, or those that possess a license for lead smelting. Exporting them outside the Kingdom is strictly prohibited.

These instructions set conditions for the transport of used batteries
The document lacks details about the tasks and members of a required technical committee. Instructions establish conditions for transporting used batteries: they must be placed in sturdy, acid-resistant boxes to prevent spills. Transporters need permits and must be qualified to handle batteries. They're also responsible for pollution cleanup in case of accidents.

Requirements for collecting and storing used batteries include obtaining environmental approval and using non-porous, acid-resistant storage floors with secondary containment for leaks. Storage sites should be away from heat sources, ignition, and weather, and batteries should not be stored for extended periods. Specific rules apply to handling hybrid and electric vehicle batteries, ensuring safety.

Recycling and maintenance inside storage warehouses are prohibited, and general safety and emergency systems must be in place. Facilities licensed to collect used lead-acid batteries must have special units for discharging and collecting acidic liquid. Generators of used hybrid and electric vehicle batteries must dispose of them at authorized facilities for recycling or export.

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