Jordan Fatwa Department bans cat neutering, citing religious beliefs

dog and cat live together
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AMMAN — In a recent announcement, the Jordanian Fatwa Department has issued a prohibition on the practice of neutering cats, citing concerns of torture and interference with their natural creation by God. اضافة اعلان

Dr. Hassan Abu Arqoub, the official spokesperson for the Fatwa Department stated that the prohibition is based on a narration attributed to Ibn Abbas, a revered Islamic figure.

He referenced the statement, "The Messenger of Allah, peace be upon him, forbade castration of animals and endurance of the soul," as the foundation for the prohibition fatwa, Khaberni reported.

Highlighting the details, Arqoub clarified that the prohibition of animal neutering, as reported by Al-Majmu' by Al-Nawawi, specifically applies to non-edible animals. However, it is permissible to neuter edible animals when they are young due to the benefits derived from their meat.

Therefore, it is not permitted to neuter an animal that is not consumed, whether it is young or old.

Neutering is only allowed if it prevents established harm and actual damage. Islamic Sharia aims to alleviate hardship and avert harm, as explained by Imam Ibn Mazah Al-Bukhari, the Hanafi scholar, who stated, "There is no harm in neutering foxes if it brings benefits or prevents harm" (Al-Muhit al-Burhani 5/376).

Another prominent scholar, Imam Ibn Rushd Al-Jadd, quoted Malik as saying, "If a horse howls and refuses to mate, I see no harm in neutering it in this manner" (Al-Bayan wa al-Tahsil 2/557).

He emphasized that demonstrating kindness to cats and dogs should be accomplished by leaving them in their natural state as created by Allah.

Moreover, Arqoub pointed out that raising dogs for purposes such as guarding, hunting, or other permissible needs is permissible according to Islamic teachings. However, the possession and sale of dogs solely for ornamentation or trade are prohibited.

The Fatwa Department's decision aims to uphold the sanctity of animals and respect their natural state as ordained by God. As the news spreads, it sparks discussions about animal welfare and the importance of adhering to religious teachings while considering the well-being of creatures in society.

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