Jaber border crossing with Syria reopens

(Photo: Jordan News)

AMMAN — The Jaber border crossing with Syria was reopened on Wednesday, Al-Ghad News reported.

Interior Minister Mazen Al-Faraya said that the reopening of the border crossing took place "according to a technical and logistical procedures for reopening the border to the movement of freight and travelers."اضافة اعلان

In a statement, the Ministry of Interior said: "The decision comes for the purpose of activating trade and tourism movement between the two countries, taking into account the required security and health measures, which came under the directives of the prime minister during his visit to the Jaber border post on July 8.

Entry to Damascus without consent

Faraya told Al-Mamlaka on Monday that security recommended that Jordanians be allowed to enter Syria, and that Jordanian citizens do not need to seek approval from the Ministry of Interior to travel to Syria.

The security assessment showed that the situation is currently stable in Syria and allows for the movement of Jordanians in Syria.

Farayah added that Jordanian buses can also come and go at any time as long as everyone on board has received two doses of a COVID-19 vaccine.

However, public and private cars need to register on a special platform to organize trips via the “Amman-Sham route.”

Buses from the airport

The Ministry of Transport on Tuesday confirmed that Royal Jordanian Airlines will provide ground transport for its passengers to and from Syria, starting next Sunday, “when flights resume in the future.”

Deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors of Royal Jordanian, Samer Al-Majali, said that "there is no approval from the official authorities to operate flights between Jordan and Syria so far."

Majali, the company's CEO, added: "As of next month, Royal Jordanian will provide ground transportation service for its passengers to and from Syria.”

This will be done via “high-quality and comfortable transport buses that will depart from the city center of Damascus directly towards Queen Alia International Airport and vice versa, in order to facilitate their (passengers’) crossing by land from the Jaber border center until flights resume in the future” Majali said.

Minister of Transport, Wajih Azaizeh, said on Tuesday that "Royal Jordanian will start trips to Syria, starting next Sunday, provided that it adheres to all the conditions and complies with health protocols."

Azaizeh added that travelers must bring a negative PCR test “from accredited Syrian laboratories 72 hours before a negative result.” Upon arrival to Queen Alia International Airport, passengers will have to wait there until the results of a second PCR test are returned.

The Ministry of Transport stressed the "need to adhere to public safety standards and within the health protocols approved by the official authorities.”

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