JEA prepares for Saudi food expo on September 13

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AMMAN — Head of Jordan Exporters Association (JEA) Ahmad Al-Khudari said that the Saudi market is a crucial importer of Jordanian industrial products, considering the strong relations between the two countries on all levels, according to Hala News.اضافة اعلان

He said on Monday that JEA, in partnership with the Ministry of Investment, will be organizing the Kingdom’s participation at “Foodex Saudi Expo”, which will be held in the Saudi capital, Riyadh, on September 13.

He said Jordan's participation in the exhibition is very important for Jordanian industrial companies, especially in the current stage, which is experiencing a global interest in the food sector. He pointed to Saudi Arabia being the largest food market in the Middle East, with an estimated value of $45 billion.

That provides a huge opportunity for the Jordanian food industry firms to compete in the Saudi market, given its significant quality.

Khudari emphasized the importance of Jordanian industry to seize the great momentum and new start in Jordan's economic relations with Saudi Arabia, contributing to the expansion of Jordan's export base for the Saudi market.

JEA’s vice president Mohammad Al-Jafari said that the Jordanian industrial sector views the Saudi market positively in order to increase the flow of national products, thereby contributing to the expansion of Jordan's export base for the Saudi market and the strengthening of Jordan's commercial relations with it.

Jordan's exports to Saudi Arabia constitute of about 12 percent of the total national exports, and are distributed among a wide list of products, most notably agricultural and animal plant products, food industries, some mineral and some chemical industries, according to Jafari.

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