JAF's new engagement rules killed 30 drug smugglers, seized 16mln narcotic pills-Army

(Photo: Jordan News)
AMMAN -Plans to continue implementation of the new rules of engagement on the Kingdom's borders had a "deadly" toll on smugglers, after 30 smugglers were killed, 17,348 palm-sized hashish sheets and more than 16 million narcotic pills were confiscated, Director of Jordan Armed Forces (JAF) Military Information Directorate, Col. Mustafa Hiyari, said.اضافة اعلان

During a press tour on Thursday, organized by the JAF's directorate with "Petra's" participation, Hiyari noted the army's border personnel continue to confront all forms of threats against Jordan's national security.

The tour, he noted, comes a few days after the visit of His Majesty King Abdullah II, JAF Supreme Commander, which carried a "clear" message "to exhibit resolve and deal firmly and decisively with whoever attempts to harm Jordan's security and stability."

"Whoever thought of harming Jordan will face death by the army's personnel, who are vigilant round the clock to counter threats to the Kingdom's security and stability, " Hiyari pointed out.

Jordan, he said, is "waging an undeclared war on its borders with drug dealers and their supporters, and is fighting on behalf of regional countries and the world at large, because drugs know no borders and regions, and destroy families and values and threaten global social security."

Change in the engagement rules came from a top Jordanian priority aimed to defend homeland and preserve its dignity and stability, according to Hiyari.

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