Inclusive participation in dialogue key to success — King

King Abdullah meets political figures
His Majesty King Abdullah meets with political figures, June 8, 2021. (Photo: Royal Court)
AMMAN — His Majesty King Abdullah on Tuesday reaffirmed that Jordan’s success entails everyone engaging in dialogue to advance national interests, regardless of ideological differences.اضافة اعلان

During a meeting with political figures at Al Husseiniya Palace, King Abdullah noted that the door is open to all proposals and views regarding the reform process, on the basis of mutual respect and openness, and with the aim of serving Jordan’s interests, according to a Royal Court statement.

Stressing that it is the duty of all to maintain public trust in Parliament, His Majesty noted the need to link modernising the political system with public administration reform and economic development, as an integrated process rooted in the rule of law.

The King called for defining the final objective of political reform and formulating a comprehensive plan to reach it, pointing out that the process is not exclusive to a single law.

His Majesty described his discussion papers as a starting point for dialogue on reform.

The King said achieving the desired economic reforms requires attracting and promoting investments to reduce poverty and unemployment.

Turning to the Palestinian cause, His Majesty reaffirmed Jordan’s steadfast position and noted that the Kingdom will continue to provide all means of support and backing to the Palestinians, stressing ongoing coordination with Arab and foreign countries to push for a just and comprehensive solution to the Palestinian cause.

Responding to a comment from one of the attendees, the King said there was a conspiracy that sought to undermine the Jordanian state and the Palestinian cause, but Jordan persevered.

His Majesty also reaffirmed Jordan’s pivotal role in safeguarding Islamic and Christian holy sites in Jerusalem, in line with the Hashemite Custodianship.

Moreover, the meeting covered several local, regional, and international issues.

For their part, the attendees said there is a need for collaborative efforts among state institutions to move forward with political, economic, and administrative reform, commending the King’s keenness on keeping the door open to all constructive ideas, a matter that will help restore public trust in the reform process.

They stressed that the rule of law is fundamental to democratisation, reform, and guaranteeing equality and equal opportunities, calling for identifying the priorities of the upcoming phase, solidifying institutional work, addressing administrative corruption, and developing curricula.

They also urged setting serious plans to counter unemployment, support small- and medium-sized projects, and focus on mega-projects, calling for further engagement of women and youth in the development process.

Commenting on regional and international concerns, the attendees commended Jordan’s outstanding role in serving the Palestinian cause, expressing support for the Kingdom’s unwavering stance and His Majesty’s efforts in safeguarding Islamic and Christian holy sites in Jerusalem, in line with the Hashemite Custodianship.

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