House next session moved to Sunday

Efforts to reconcile deputies following brawl continue

Speaker of the Lower House Abdel Karim Al-Doghmi. (File photo: Ameer Khalifeh/Jordan News)
AMMAN — Speaker of the Lower House Abdel Karim Al-Doghmi has decided to convene the next session on Sunday, instead of Thursday, two days after the legislature witnessed a tense session that ended in chaos when deputies engaged in scuffles and fistfights.اضافة اعلان

Tuesday’s scuffles were unprecedented in the history of Jordanian Parliamentary life and the incident had shocked Jordanians and was reported all over the world.

The Lower House had begun debating the constitutional amendments when an altercation took place between Doghmi and two other deputies that reflected an increasingly tense atmosphere under the Dome. The session was adjourned for half an hour but when lawmakers returned a scuffle broke out among a number of deputies that ended in pandemonium. Deputies were debating amendments to Article 6 of the Constitution related to gender equality.

The House was divided over the amendment, with Islamist lawmakers rejecting changes to the wording of the article and claiming that it would pave the way for less equality between genders and the enactment of special laws for women. The session was suspended before a vote could take place. After the session was adjourned it appeared efforts to reconcile deputies involved in the fracas had reached a dead end. Doghmi had to move the next session to next week.

A meeting late Tuesday concluded by referring a complaint to the Legal Committee submitted by MP Shadi Freij and Andrei Hawari against MP Suleiman Abu Yahya and HassanAl-Riyati.

The Lower House is expected to debate more than 20 constitutional amendments, including the setting up of a National Security Council, in addition to a draft election and political parties’ laws.

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