Head of JFZIC: Electric cars enable owners to save JD200 monthly

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AMMAN — On Wednesday, the head of the Jordan Free Zones Investors Commission (JFZIC),  Mohammad Al-Bastenji stated that the general decline in car prices, especially electric cars after usage, is ‘natural’ and subject to the laws of supply and demand, pointing out that electric cars enable their owners to save at least JD200 monthly by reducing fuel bills and maintenance costs, emphasizing the significant financial benefits of this choice.اضافة اعلان

In a press statement, Bastenji noted that attention was drawn to the fact that Chinese cars, which have gained widespread popularity in Jordan, offer ‘a high level of safety and technology’ at prices within reach of everyone, highlighting the importance of this for broad segments of citizens, Al-Mamlaka TV reported.

Bastenji affirmed that China, with its advanced technology, has come to dominate most global car industries, indicating that electric vehicles are indeed the future of transportation.

Additionally, Bastenji responded strongly to rumors aiming to damage the reputation of electric cars imported through the free zones, expressing surprise at complaints from some individuals who acquired their cars through bank facilities with interest, completely overlooking the impact of bank interest on the total cost.

He stressed that comparisons in prices should be for the same make and model year of the car itself and not comparing it with a car of the same category manufactured three or four years ago.

At the same time, he affirmed the ‘leading’ role played by the government in supporting this transition, commending the wise policies that have reduced fees on these vehicles and positioned Jordan at the forefront of supporters of clean energy. He highlighted the government's role in monitoring and supervising markets, where effective decisions have been made to protect consumers through the imposition of warranty systems.

Regarding the specifications of imported vehicles, Bastenji confirmed that cars entering the Jordanian market, especially those imported outside of official dealerships, adhere to the technical specifications of their original countries, including the CCC specification for Chinese cars.

He emphasized the opportunities provided by the diversity of specifications for citizens to benefit from price competitiveness, especially in light of Chinese government support for the vehicle industry, expressing surprise at complaints about declining car prices compared to the usual demands for reduction.

He reiterated that consumer goods, such as cars, should remain accessible to citizens without unnecessary restrictions.

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