Gov’t should reinstate teachers’ syndicate — US organization

(File photo: Jordan News)
AMMAN — Democracy for the Arab World Now (DAWN) has called on the Kingdom’s Minister of Education to immediately comply with the court’s final decision, of June 26, 2022, and reinstate the now closed Jordan Teachers’ Syndicate. اضافة اعلان

In an lengthy report posted on November 21, the US-based organization urged the government to end its retaliatory measures, including the arrest of teachers who protested, prosecution of union board members, and the forced retirement of teachers who have called for reforms.

“The Jordanian government’s stubborn refusal to comply with the orders of its own judiciary shows a troubling disrespect for the country’s citizens, (by) exempting itself from the laws it expects them to abide by,” said DAWN Senior Consultant Jamal Al-Tahat.

A DAWN statement said that following the syndicate’s appeal against its closure and dissolution of its board by the state prosecutor, the court issued its final decision of June 26, 2022, overturning the prosecutor’s decision to suspend the syndicate and the request for elections for a new syndicate board.

Article 27 of the Syndicate Law requires the Minister of Education to set up an interim committee to run the teachers’ syndicate in the event it is dissolved and to elect a new board within six months.

In response to demands from the syndicate to comply with the court order, former education minister Wajih Owais claimed that the ministry had not officially received the court’s decision. 

On July 25 and August 9, Syndicate lawyer Basam Fraihat formally wrote to Owais demanding that he reopen the syndicate as per the court’s decision, the statement added.

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