Citizens should be able to hold officials, institutions accountable — Razzaz

(Photo: Jordan News)
AMMAN — Former Prime Minister Omar Razzaz said Sunday that citizens must have the means to hold officials accountable for their, and their institutions’ performance at all levels, which is the true mark of effective citizenship, Al-Ghad News reported. اضافة اعلان

Razzaz made his remarks at the Institute for Politics and Society, during a dialogue session titled “Youth and Paths of Modernization: Searching for a Horizon”. The event was attended by activists, honorary president othe institutete Sharif Shaker, Minister of Education and Higher Education and Scientific Research Azmi Mahafzah, and members of the institute’s board of trustees.

Razzaz also pointed to a phenomenon that Jordanians know only too well, which is the poor implementation of a large number of plans. According to him, this is due to weak mechanisms that enable citizens and their representatives in Parliament to hold officials accountable.

He pointed to the importance of holding extensive dialogues to bridge gaps, build consensus, and draw inspiration from past experience, to avoid repeating mistakes. At the same time, he stressed the importance of strengthening national unity and banishing hate speech.

Razzaz stressed that Jordan is beyond the stage in which it sets goals and adopts roadmaps to carry out the reform process, and in which parties, elections laws, and other constitutional amendments are approved; now it should be at a stage where it proceeds gradually, to avoid s similar outcome experienced by fragile world democracies.

He added that Jordan is facing important challenges, now that it has endorsed the participation of parties in political life, and approved legislation that regulate political work.

Razzaz said he believed that the next stage requires building a strong state and society, and a national resilience guaranteed by the rule of law. He also called for reforms to be accompanied by improved services provided to citizens, especially in the field of health and education, which could happen if citizens and civil society institutions are enabled to hold service providers accountable for their performance.

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