Goethe-Institut holds various entrepreneurship training activities

(Photo: Goethe-Institut)
AMMAN – For the third year in a row, The German Cultural Institute (Goethe) is continuing its activities within the framework of its project "Entrepreneurship in School Practices in Jordan," funded by the German Foreign Ministry. اضافة اعلان

According to a press statement, a training course for male and female trainers was held in May, and two other training courses for teachers were held in August and October 2021; in which male and female trainers and teachers participated from The Queen Rania Teacher Academy (QRTA) and the schools partnering in the project (Al-Asriya School, Islamic Educational College, Jubilee School, Al-Mutran and Ahliyyah Schools, Al-Saada School).

The German Institute for Economic Education in Oldenburg in Germany was the main partner who supervised the project’s implementation, noting that the participants are still applying what they learned in the courses.
"Participants in the training of trainers’ course acquired knowledge in the field of entrepreneurship including the possibility of integrating entrepreneurship to become part of general education in schools due to its importance for individuals,” said Laura Hartz, the director of the Goethe-Institute Jordan. 

She added that the concept of teaching entrepreneurship was discussed and covered in various aspects including, entrepreneurship content and skills, objectives, teaching methods, and topics related to how to train teachers who teach entrepreneurship-related subjects such as economics and financial education.

The trainers also discussed various topics on how to use the entrepreneurship concepts in schools, not only in economic-related topics. 

After completing the theoretical part of the training, the trainers were divided into eight groups, and each group worked on preparing to explain one of the eight units on entrepreneurship. After the preparation process, which lasted from June to the beginning of August 2021, the trainers applied the acquired knowledge by supervising the first part of the teacher training course. 

After concluding the training of trainers course and the teachers’ training course, all participants emphasized the extent to which they benefited from the acquired knowledge and began integrating it into their teaching methods and on a personal level. 

It is worth mentioning that the year 2021 is considered the last year for the project “Entrepreneurship in School Practices in Jordan,” and the continuation of activities related to entrepreneurship will remain the focus of discussions with the partners in the project as it plays a significant role in all areas of life.

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