FMD outbreak causes loss of JD25m for cow breeders, says stakeholder

Prices of meat ‘might decrease’ as result

veterinary farm walking cowshed checking cows
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AMMAN — A recent outbreak of Foot and Mouth Disease (FMD) in Jordan has caused a significant loss for the country's cow breeders. اضافة اعلان

Za’al Al-Kawaleet, president of Livestock Owners and Breeders Association, reported an estimated loss of JD25 million due to milk shortages and a large number of cow deaths.

Despite the widespread impact on cows, sheep were reportedly not affected by the disease, he said. I

n response to the outbreak, agreements have been made with concerned authorities to provide quantities of the vaccine to control the spread of the disease, Kawaleet added.

Price decreaseKawaleet noted that FMD is endemic in Jordan, but the concern lies in the emergence of a new variant that has prevented the export of livestock to other countries.

As a result, prices for both meat and milk may decrease due to the country's dependence on exports, he said.

FMD does not pose a threat to human health, as it is a non-communicable disease, emphasized Kawleet.

Response committeeThe Minister of Health, Khaled Hneifat, has announced that a committee will be formed to assess damages, compensate farmers for their losses, and develop a roadmap to support the agricultural sector.
He added that the this will be complete after the completion of the committee's work.

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