Engineer Rana Al-Hajaya unites six municipalities into one union

Engineer Rana Al-Hajaya
Engineer Rana Al-Hajaya. (Photo: Petra)
AMMAN — Engineer Rana Al-Hajaya, from Al-Hasa in the Tafilah governorate has achieved remarkable accomplishments in municipal work. Her latest success: uniting six municipalities, starting from the southern Badia region into one union. اضافة اعلان

Early starts as a community leader
As a community leader, she has served as the mayor two consecutive terms and has been a member of the governorate council for several years.

In 2006, she established the first municipal union in the Kingdom in 2006, comprising six municipalities from the southern Badia region, The Jordan News Agency, Petra reported. 

Hajaya is also a social activist who contributed to the establishment of the first women’s association in Al-Hasa and initiated the ‘Pioneering Women’ movement.

In addition to her community work, she is a writer and a member of the Women’s Committees Association and the National Committee for Women’s Affairs.

A cornerstone in her development
She highlighted that her experience in municipal work and public affairs has been the cornerstone of her development and important gateway for greater involvement in political life.

Holding a master of science degree in water and environmental engineering, a bachelor of science degree in civil engineering, and a specialized diploma in refugee affairs, which has been the summation of all of her experiences, putting education into practical practice.

She said, "The experience of municipal leadership and public work taught me that serving the local community and daily engagement with people's issues, assisting them in finding solutions, and striving to establish projects and programs that contribute to the development of local communities are what build trust between public officials and the people."

She believes that her involvement in public affairs over the past years has proven to her the importance of quotas allocated for women and the opportunities provided by the state for women's participation in the public political scene, especially with the legislations passed in 2022.

She believes that these opportunities should be utilized to have a role in the political and public arena.

Politics and motherhoodShe also highlighted the role of her mother, who was a member of the municipal council in Al-Hasa in the early 1990s, and her success in establishing a literacy program and teaching the Arabic language to women in her town.

She also acknowledged the role of her father, a labor union activist who was engaged in daily struggles with people's issues and demands.

Women in politicsIn 2003, the municipalities were merged, resulting in a total of 99 municipalities. Elections were held at that time, with approximately 46 women running for office.

Only 5 women won, and 98 women were appointed to ensure the presence of at least one female member in each municipality. Only one female mayor was appointed, and at that time, Al-Hajaya was the only one who was appointed as the mayor of the Al-Hasa region.

Regarding her experience in appointment, Al-Hajaya said, "It gave me the opportunity to stimulate my hidden abilities in building trust with the members of my local community by combating administrative stagnation in the municipality at that time and by ensuring the provision of services and maintaining the cleanliness of the local environment. This instilled in me the confidence and courage to run for the mayoral elections in Al-Hasa in 2007 and win."

Regarding the political reform process and the legislative package resulting from it, which was passed in 2022, Al-Hajaya called on women to enhance their presence in the political and public scene and to utilize the positive democratic atmosphere to reach decision-making positions.

She believes that the economic aspect poses a significant challenge to broader women's participation in political and public affairs, and overcoming it requires two things: empowerment and inclusion.

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