Electronic extortion defamation, cases rise in 2021

(Photo: Jordan News)
AMMAN — The number of cases related to electronic extortion and defamation, which were dealt with by the Cyber-Crime Unit of the Criminal Investigation Department reached 9,275 cases in 2021, according to the unit’s head Mahmoud Al-Maghairah, in a statement on Tuesday, carried by Al- Mamlaka TV.اضافة اعلان

Maghairah said that during 2019, the unit dealt with 2,648 complaints related to blackmail and cyberbullying, while the number of complaints during 2020, reached 3,284.  women constituted 70 percent of extortion victims in 2021, said Maghairah, and 5 percent of children are exposed to electronic violence.  

There have not been any cases of suicide recorded as a result of electronic blackmail, but such practices “may lead to thoughts of suicide, especially among adolescents,” according to Hadeel Abdel Aziz, Executive Director of the Justice Center for Legal Aid.

Maghairah stated that “hacking social media accounts is one of the methods of blackmail,” and advised social media users to “not save private photos on social media.”

Maysa Rawashdeh, professor of sociology at the University of Jordan called for “monitoring electronic devices and setting specific hours for their use.  She pointed out that “the penalty against a person who reveals another individual’s confidential information is a minimum of two-year imprisonment, noting that the cybercrime law does not yet have provisions on electronic extortion.

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