Electric vehicle demand increases by 96% in first half of 2023

Volvo EX90 EV EVs Electric All-Electric
EV Volvo XE90. (Photo: Volvo)
AMMAN — President of the Jordan Free Zones Investors Commission, Mohammad Al-Bustanji, revealed a rising trend in electric vehicle demand, with a 96 percent increase in electric vehicle (EV) sales in the Zarqa region in the first half of 2023.اضافة اعلان

According to the figures, 13,861 EV's were cleared in 2023, as opposed to 7,054 at the same time in 2022, Ad-Dustour daily reported.

Bustanji said, "We are witnessing a noticeable increase in Jordanians' interest in EV's, as this interest aligns with the global trend towards advanced EV technology."

He emphasized that these vehicles are not only environmentally friendly but also provide several other advantages, including high energy efficiency and low overall operating and maintenance costs.

Local transformation
Bustanji added: "The numbers we are witnessing reflect the transformation occurring in the vehicle sector in Jordan, especially with the significant increase in the clearance of electric vehicles."

As for gasoline and diesel vehicles, he pointed out a decline in demand, with clearance rates decreasing by approximately 17 percent and 32 percent, respectively. He explained this shift in consumer priorities as a result of rising fuel prices on one hand and government incentives to purchase EV's without increasing taxes on the other.

Increase in hybrid cars
Regarding hybrid vehicles, Bustanji noted an 80 percent increase in clearance during the first half of 2023 compared to 2022.

This growth in the hybrid vehicle market indicates an increasing environmental conciseness amongst consumers and shows their desire to seek more energy-efficient alternative solutions.

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