Economic, social council holds discussion on public sector development

Civil Services Bureau CSB
(Photo: Civil Services Bureau Facebook)
AMMAN — The Economic and Social Council of Jordan discussed virtually the initial draft of the political section of its State of the Country report 2022 on Monday. Senator Mazen Al-Saket, President of the Civil Services Bureau (CSB) Sameh Al-Nasser, and several public and private-sector experts attended the meeting.اضافة اعلان

Council President Musa Shteiwi said that public-sector development has undergone several changes in strategy and planning, and stressed that the sector requires a unified, comprehensive plan that successive governments also adopt, according to Al-Mamlaka TV.

Despite some successes in development, the public sector still faces several challenges, such as an absence of inclusive public administration strategies, weak follow-up on government performance, and the fragmentation of certain implementation plans, Shteiwi said.

For his part, the CSB president said that the council’s efforts to reach out to the concerned bodies will enhance building on their achievements, and he stressed the importance of activating role of CSB and the Institute of Public Administration.

The council is expected to announce the final version of its report and resume its discussions soon. The report will include data and recommendations on the economy, infrastructure, Jordan’s human resources, social development, public-sector development, and the Kingdom’s politics.

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