EMV: Progressing towards 1M jobs by 2025, 5.7% completed in 2023

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AMMAN — The government continued the foundational steps in implementing the Economic Modernization Vision (EMV), launched under the patronage of His Majesty King Abdullah in June 2022, to serve as a comprehensive roadmap for successive governments. The vision spans three stages over ten years, encompassing 366 initiatives across various sectors, Al-Mamlaka TV reported.اضافة اعلان

The significance of the vision lies in addressing the challenge of providing one million new job opportunities for Jordanians at a rate of 100,000 opportunities annually. This requires attracting investments and financing of approximately JD41 billion.

His Majesty emphasized the necessity for the results of the Economic Modernization Vision to reflect on citizens, whether through improving service levels or completing projects, calling for the continuation of the consultative mechanism with the private sector by the government, transparently showcasing achievements and expected accomplishments for the coming year and discussing how to overcome any obstacles. His Majesty also highlighted the importance of rapidly developing the capacities of ministries to ensure the execution of the vision plan, emphasizing the need for monthly progress reports according to the set timeline.

Prime Minister Bisher Al-Khasawneh affirmed that work on the executive program of the vision is progressing despite the surrounding challenges. As of November, the government had completed the implementation of 26 specified priorities for 2023, in addition to 53 priorities currently in progress. However, work on 17 priorities in the executive program of the Economic Renewal Vision had been delayed, according to Deputy Prime Minister for Economic Affairs and Minister of State for Public Sector Modernization Nasser Shraideh.

According to the latest update on the progress of the executive program of the Economic Renewal Vision for the years 2023-2025, the government had accomplished 5.7 percent of it. About 69.5 percent of priorities were under implementation, 19.5 percent were delayed, and 5.4 percent had not yet commenced. The government is expected to complete the implementation of 87 out of 96 priorities by the end of 2023.

Regarding the budget for 2024, the government increased the allocations for projects related to the Economic Renewal Vision and the Public Sector Modernization Roadmap to JD348 million, compared to JD233 million in the 2023 budget after a reassessment, representing a 5 percent increase.

In August 2023, the government held a forum titled "A Year of Renewal," where it reviewed its achievements in the Economic Modernization Vision and the roadmap for modernizing the public sector. The event was attended by 600 participants who played a role in shaping both visions. In the latest update on the vision shared by the government at the end of the third quarter of the current year, several achievements were highlighted across various sectors in Jordan.

In the investment sector, the government completed the automation of 95 investment services related to licenses and economic activities. Also, In the industry sector, the ministry selected 222 industrial facilities, providing total financial support of JD13 million in the form of grants and financial guarantees.

In the financial services sector, the government launched the Jordan Vision for Financial Technology and Innovation to support monetary policy management. The first phase of electronic documentation services for the financial and banking sector was also introduced for all institutions supervised by the Central Bank of Jordan (CBJ). Furthermore, in agriculture and food security, loans totaling one million dinars were disbursed to 226 borrowers from the Agricultural Credit Institution (ACC).

In the telecommunications sector, Jordan became one of the first countries, after Gulf states, to introduce 5G services for both public and private sectors, with a significant financial impact of approximately JD362 million on the state treasury. Over 60 percent of Jordanian households have access to fiber optic networks.

In the creative industries sector, a comprehensive study on the electronic games sector was conducted, and a preliminary draft of the strategy for electronic games and sports was prepared. Also, Jordan recorded 355,000 passengers arriving by low-cost airlines, 22,000 passengers on full-service airlines, and 3,000 trips through the "Our Jordan is Paradise" program, engaging 122,375 citizens in tourism and film production.

In the general education sector, specialized examination centers were prepared for conducting electronic high school exams. Final versions of vocational education standards were completed, and amendments and instructions for the new vision of secondary education were formulated.

In the water sector, the water loss rate decreased by 2.7 percent during the second quarter of 2023, and a 3 percent reduction in non-revenue water was achieved from July 2022 until June 30. An additional 5 million cubic meters of water were supplied during the second quarter of 2023.

In healthcare, 70 facilities were selected to provide medicine delivery services, and a healthcare and medical services system was approved, including the initiation of the first virtual hospital in Jordan.

Furthermore, in the logistics and transportation sector, terms of reference were prepared for the environmental and social impact study for the implementation of a toll road system. Draft instructions for unmanned aerial vehicles were prepared for approval according to regulations, and the rehabilitation project of the aerial side and the operation of Amman International Airport/Marka commenced to meet licensing requirements.

In women's empowerment, JD1.8 billion were provided as easy financing for loans, creating 253 job opportunities for women through an agreement between the Ministry of Social Development and the Development and Employment Fund.

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