Draft social security law enables adjusting minimum pensions

(File photo: Jordan News)
AMMAN — The new social security draft law introduces a mechanism whereby the minimum pensions provided by the Social Security Corporation (SSC) can be amended, SSC spokesman Shaman Al-Majali was reported by Al-Mamlaka TV as saying.اضافة اعلان

According to Majali, there is a segment of social security retirees whose pensions are low because their wages were low before they retired, or because the period during which they contributed to SSC was short, like some on early retirement, “and this is why this amendment made it in the draft law".

Majali stressed that the draft law also gives the possibility to Gazans and to individuals born to Jordanian women married to foreigners in the Kingdom to complete the required subscription periods to obtain pensions; it also enables people who do not work to voluntarily subscribe to SSC for the purpose of later receiving pension.

Majali pointed out that linking the early retirement pension to the inflation rate, which now the draft law permits, will help maintain the purchasing power of the retirees. Roughly “18,000 retirees whose pensions are lower than JD200 will receive an increase of more than JD20, according to the amendments to the SSC draft law, he said.

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