Daas criticizes draft system about regulating partisan work at universities

(File photo: Jordan News)
AMMAN— Fakher Al-Daas, a coordinator for the activist group, the National Campaign for Defending Students’ Rights, commonly known as Thabahtoona strictly criticized the draft bill that intends to regulate the party work at universities and which the government is willing to approve, according to jo24.اضافة اعلان

Daas said that this draft bill aims at getting away with the goal of allowing partisan work in universities, which includes involving young people in partisan work and undermining the work itself upon requesting holding an activity, which is what the campaign warned against.

Daas added that the draft system transforms the Dean of Student Affairs into an administrative governor with absolute powers to allow and prevent any partisan activity and even interfere in the activities details and modify it in terms of place, time, participating people, and the content of the activity itself (Article 6/c).

Most importantly, the draft did not abolish and restrict disciplinary systems that criminalize and restrict political action within universities, nor did it impose on universities that elected student unions must be established, “he added.

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