Civil Service Consumer Corporation puts ceiling on sales of commodities

food store
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AMMAN — Director-General of Civil Service Consumer Corporation Salman Al-Qudah said on Sunday that the decision to put a ceiling on the quantities of basic commodities sold to consumers aims to ensure that that these commodities are purchased by the targeted beneficiaries, according to Al-Mamlaka TV.اضافة اعلان

Qudah added that "limiting the quantities of items sold would help the corporation to maintain a regular stockpile of goods, and avoid buying new stock at higher prices, stressing the availability of a large stock of foodstuffs in warehouses.

The corporation had earlier announced that it has fixed the prices of several commodities, including sugar, oils, milk and canned foods due to a triple increase in demand. Qudah pledged there will be no hike in prices during Ramadan, and urged citizens to refrain from stockpiling food commodities, promising continued availability.

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