Citizens complain about high tobacco prices in stores

tobacoo smoking
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AMMAN — Citizens have raised concerns about the increasing prices of some tobacco products in commercial stores, despite the government's assurance that it will not impose new taxes during this year and will not raise previously imposed taxes. اضافة اعلان

According to Jo24, many citizens said they were taken aback by the sudden surge in cigarette prices in most stores without prior warning.

Surprise price hike in tobacco productsAccording to reports, the price of tobacco products has increased significantly, leading to widespread complaints from citizens.

Many smokers expressed frustration, saying that the price hike is unacceptable and that they cannot afford to pay the new prices. They also criticized the government for failing to control the price increase.

The chairman of the Financial Committee in the Lower House, MP Dirar Al-Harasees, was also surprised by the increase in tobacco prices.

He called on the government to clarify the reason behind the price hike and questioned who decided to raise prices.

Harasees emphasized that manufacturing companies are not authorized to raise prices unilaterally without the approval of the House of Representatives to impose new taxes.

Harasees pointed out that the decision to raise tobacco prices is not in the interest of citizens.

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