Aqaba Chamber of Commerce urges freight transport to resume

(File Photo: Jordan News)


AMMAN — The head of the Aqaba Chamber of Commerce warned in a statement Tuesday that the continued halt of freight transport will impact the flow of goods, urging stakeholders to find a solution to the stoppage, according to Al-Mamlaka TV.


Chairman Nael Al-Kabariti said that the halt in shipping “will lead to the accumulation of containers, which will make shipping companies reluctant to transport containers, thus affecting the flow of goods in the Kingdom.” He further warned that any disruption in the flow of goods to the local market “may have negative repercussions on prices”.


Truckers in Aqaba and Maan governorates began a strike on December 4, which has since grown to include drivers and owners of taxis, rideshare cabs, minibuses, and water tankers. Protestors cited the price of fuel as the primary threat to their livelihood.


Jordan’s economy is already facing difficulties resulting from COVID-19 and the war in Ukraine, Kabariti said, adding that “everyone must work together to prioritize the national cause”.


The transport and logistics sector, he stressed, is an “essential pillar” for economic recovery.اضافة اعلان

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