Analysts praise decision to raise number of party founders to 1000

(File photo: Jordan News)
AMMAN — Political experts have praised the Parliament’s decision approving an amendment on the Political Parties Law, which raises the number of party founders from 150 to 1000, as part of recommendations by the Royal Committee to Modernize the Political System. اضافة اعلان

The Parliament passed the amendment last week during a session chaired by Lower House Speaker Abdul Karim doghmi and attended by Prime Minister Bishr Al-Khasawneh and cabinet members.

“This is a good step towards reforming the political parties system,” said political expert Hassan Al Momani, adding that the political parties law should not be static, but should evolve, voicing agreement with raising the number of party founders; a step that would stop fragmentation and strengthen any Jordanian political party’s base.

Momani believes that the move would help parties reach popular masses and broaden the political arena’s base, and eventually persuade and attract more people to join a party.  He believes that having sparked a debate, the decision must have been worthwhile and would surely bring a brighter future to the political parties’ scene. “It may be too early to judge the parties’ future at this time,” he said, “but the current times are promising.”

Momani stated that it is incorrect to highlight parties as if they are the only levers that produce political life but, rather that they are “an important part of a whole,” As a result, he added that all parties should work together within Jordan’s political space to extend political culture and raise awareness about the potential positive influence of these political institutions.

Strategic expert Amer Al Sabaileh also supported the amendment, saying that in order to provide a conducive incubator to effective political parties and end the phenomenon of spawning parties that have no real presence on the political scene, a party must have a broad base.

Sabaileh said that having powerful parties is the product of open and public political movements, and to get there it is necessary to focus on creating an encouraging environment through actions and measures, not just laws and decisions. “In order to be successful, the change process must be integral,” he said.

Jordan University’s deputy president and political expert Zaid Eyadat told Jordan News that the move aligns with the Royal Committee’s recommendations, “because reducing the number of a political party’s founding members has always had a negative impact on the seriousness of their work.”

Eyadat said that since the new law stipulates that a party gains 41 seats in the House in the next parliamentary election, increasing the number of founding members will allow party members to compete for those seats and assume serious responsibilities, thereby contributing to more effective political work in Jordan.

Eyadat believes that the main issue against political parties is the prevailing culture and society’s perception, adding that the partisans themselves, with their generic political agendas, have failed to persuade Jordanians of their efficacy to this day. “Efforts of parties should be geared towards rising to a responsible level, to constantly renew their work mechanisms, to consolidate democracy, and to present real and realistic action plans that contribute to resolving citizens’ issues.”

“Also, parties should not be viewed as a security threat, he said, and “the government should demonstrate, through practice, that partisanship is legally authorized and is a national work par excellence.” he said

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