Amman Stock Exchange indicator drops during Q3

(Photo: Jordan News)
AMMAN — The Arab Monetary Fund said the Amman Stock Exchange (ASE) registered a 0.9 percent decline during the third quarter of 2021, while it had recorded a 7.9 percent increase in the second quarter of 2021, according to Ammon News.اضافة اعلان

The Arab Monetary Fund measures the performance of all Arab financial markets as a whole, as well as of each individual market. The final indicators are weighed based on the market value and are measured against the US dollar.

The ASE indicator dropped by 1.23 points during the year's third quarter (Q3), closing at 2073 points at the end of September.

According to the Arab Monetary Fund, investor trading also dropped during Q3, reaching $586 million, while it stood at $825 million during the second quarter of the year (Q2). Share trading during that period declined to reach 301 million shares, while they stood at 410 shares during the second quarter.

In light of the decline in the performance indicators during the third quarter this year, the market value has declined by an estimated $782 million, reaching about $21.74 billion at the end of September.

ASE had announced that as of October 26, 2021, it had started to implement the listing regulations amended in 2018, which stipulate that companies whose shares were withdrawn from the stock exchange may apply to have them re-registered three months after they were canceled if they meet the requirements.

In another development, ASE said it signed a joint corporation agreement with the UN Development Program, whereby the UNDP undertakes to train ASE employees and companies to enhance their knowledge and awareness, as well as to keep them updated on all issues related to sustainable development. Sustainable development is based on three pillars: maintaining good performance, outstanding social responsibility, and adhering to companies' governance standards.

The total amount of transactions by non-Jordanian investors recorded anegative inflow at ASE during the third quarter of 2021; foreign investor purchases reached around JD27 million during Q3. Foreign investor sales reached around JD35.6 million during the same period, to record a minus outflow of JD8.4 million.

Non-Jordanian investor share ownership declined to reach around 48.2 percent by the end of Q3, 33.6 percent non-Jordanian Arab investors and 4.6 percent foreign investors, while it stood at 49.1 percent during the previous quarter.

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