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ASEZA offers free PCR tests to facilitate entry into Aqaba

Visitors enjoy a day in Aqaba; authorities in the Red Sea resort have eased Covid-related restrictions to revive tourism in the area. (Photo: Nedaa Yaseen/Jordan News)
Visitors enjoy a day in Aqaba; authorities in the Red Sea resort have eased Covid-related restrictions to revive tourism in the area. (Photo: Zoe Sottile/Jordan News)
AQABA — A COVID-19 vaccine is not solely required for entry into the tourist hub of Aqaba, an official has said.

In remarks to Jordan News, Commissioner for Tourism and Economic Affairs at the Aqaba Special Economic Zone Authority (ASEZA) Sharhabeel Madi explained that both foreigners and Jordanians wishing to enter the governorate need to present either a vaccine certificate or a COVID-19 test. PCR tests are provided for free at the Wadi Araba and Al-Mufazer crossings; as long as a visitor tests negative, they are permitted to enter the city.اضافة اعلان

Madi told Jordan News that the aim of this procedure is not to restrict tourists, but rather to keep Aqaba safe from the coronavirus pandemic, as it is an economic and tourist city with all industrial, commercial, and tourism sectors open.

He dismissed rumors of difficulties or restrictions on visitors when entering Aqaba with the intention of visiting, noting that all citizens or tourists wishing to enter can do so with ease.

Madi confirmed that the authority, in cooperation with the Ministry of Health, provides free COVID-19 vaccines to all those coming to the city of Aqaba. The tests can be obtained upon entry through the Al-Muzaffar and Wadi Araba centers.

The corona file liaison officer at the Aqaba Governorate Health Directorate, Mohammed Al-Muheisin, told Jordan News that entering the city of Aqaba after the procedures and instructions recently taken by the Jordanian Government is simple.

Everyone who received two doses of the COVID-19 vaccine, or one dose before 21 days or more, is allowed to enter. If visitors have not received the vaccine, they receive a rapid PCR test, free of charge. If a positive infection is confirmed, the tourist is admitted to Aqaba and obligated to home quarantine until they recover.

Muheisin added that the number of foreign visitors who entered the city of Aqaba does not exceed dozens, compared to visitors from various governorates of the Kingdom, whose numbers exceeded thousands. He indicated that the majority of visitors were committed to the procedures and instructions imposed by the government, and a high percentage of visitors had negative COVID-19 test results.

All foreign tourists, before entering the city of Aqaba, obtained a COVID-19 test 72 hours before, making their entrance easy, according to Muheisin.

A number of local and foreign visitors who entered the city of Aqaba told Jordan News that the measures taken by the government were straightforward and that the health services they received were reliable.

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