950,000 tonnes of food are wasted in Jordan annually, FAO says

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AMMAN — The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) estimates that about 950,000 tonnes of food are wasted annually in the Kingdom, entailing the loss of 25 million cubic meters of water used in the production of this food, Khaberni reported.اضافة اعلان

Many charitable societies take the initiative to collect excess food that is suitable for consumption or leftovers from events that are properly wrapped, and communicate with communities in need of food to distribute the surplus quantities.

FAO programsFAO representative in Jordan Nabil Assaf said that organization’s most prominent efforts when it comes to food waste are to enhance the transfer of knowledge and innovation in agriculture and rural areas, to issue periodic bulletins on the food situation at all levels, to boost the feasibility and competitiveness of all types of agriculture, and to encourage innovative technologies and sustainable management of agriculture.

The value of Jordan’s agricultural production is estimated at about $2.2 billion — about 5.6 percent of the gross domestic product — and about 76,000 Jordanians work in the agricultural sector, the equivalent of 5.5 percent of the total Jordanian workforce, Assaf said.

The FAO also works to raise awareness and develop programs to facilitate collaboration between officials and key institutions concerned with food security issues such as food loss and waste.

‘No Food Waste’ initiativeThe Ministry of Agriculture launched the "No Food Waste" initiative last November in cooperation with the FAO and the World Food Program, noted Nada Freihat, an engineer at the ministry. The initiative aims to help implement activities, which include preparing a study on the amount of wasted food in the Kingdom and organizing media awareness campaigns targeting families, students, restaurants, and hotels to promote a culture of innovation. The purpose of these awareness campaigns is to preserve food, reduce waste, and encourage young people to come up with creative ideas.

The initiative also involves creating networks between hotels and charities and cooperating with partner organizations to facilitate the supply of surplus quantities of food to needy families.

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