825 lawyers offer to defend Jordan Bar Association head in ‘malicious complaint’

The Jordan Bar Association building
(Photo: Jordan News)
AMMAN — More than 825 lawyers submitted their power of attorney on Wednesday to Amman Magistrates Court, offering to defend head of the Jordan Bar Association Mazen Irsheidat in a legal complaint filed against him by a Jordanian citizen claiming that Irsheidat’s remarks could encourage people to take the law into their own hands.اضافة اعلان

According to the complaint submitted to the Public Prosecutor, and which Jordan News had obtained a copy of, the complainant claimed that he was “harmed” by Irsheidat’s remarks during a television interview, in which he (Irsheidat) was quoted as saying: “In Jordan, claiming your right can only be obtained through gangs and troublemakers, and this will profit lawyers with sizeable financial gains ... and in the event a new courts execution law was approved, there will be horrific crimes against every debtor in Jordan.”

The complainant anticipated that Irsheidat’s statement would “raise fear in the community as it carried an explicit threat to social safety resulting from widespread anarchy, and would encourage outlaws to practice extortion and racketeering, causing panic in society.”

Irsheidat, during a television interview this week was expressing his opinion on the proposed amendments to the courts’ execution law and his objection to “stopping the imprisonment of debtors who have deferred on their due payments.”

Adel Al-Tarawneh, member of the council of the Bar Association told Jordan News that the complaint “is illegal”, and that lawyers stand in solidarity with any lawyer “who is unjustly mistreated, especially when the filed complaint is groundless and illogical.”

He expressed the lawyers’ proud stand in solidarity and support of Irsheidat, and voiced full confidence in the justice system.

Lawyer Burhan Suoof, one of the lawyers taking part in the mass power of attorney, told Jordan News that the complaint is “a malicious complaint and has no basis,” adding that Irsheidat was merely expressing his legal view as a lawyer and as head of the Jordan Bar Association, and that accusing him of “undermining social stability” is groundless.

Suoof also rejected the complaint as “unacceptable and defames the reputation of lawyers and their association.” 

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