77% of Jordanians view Palestinian issue as paramount — CSS poll

(Photo: Center for Strategic Studies Facebook)
AMMAN — An opinion poll conducted by the Jordan University Center for Strategic Studies (CSS) titled “Jordan’s foreign policy and international relations” suggested that only 25 percent of Jordanians are interested in politics, and 33 percent of those interested  only follow Jordanian political news.اضافة اعلان

The poll also found that 77 percent of Jordanians surveyed view the Palestinian issue as the most important political problem facing the Middle East that needs to be resolved, according to statistics carried by the Jordan News Agency, Petra.

The poll also showed that 25 percent of Jordanians are interested in Middle East issues. Meanwhile, 37 percent of respondents viewed Saudi Arabia as the largest Arab economic supporter of Jordan, while the US is the leading non-Arab country that provides economic assistance to the Kingdom, followed by the UAE and Qatar with 11 percent, while Britain got 6 percent.

Additionally, the majority of respondents said they favored Saudi Arabia to strengthen economic relations in the future, followed by Turkey, Qatar, Egypt, Iraq, the UAE, and Syria, the poll revealed.

The poll’s results, which were released on Sunday, were part of the “Jordanian Index — Street Pulse Survey,” which measures Jordanians’ opinions, knowledge, and awareness on emerging issues in Jordan and the region, according to CSS Director Zaid Eyadat.

According to Eyadat, the CSS foreign policy poll is the first and most comprehensive poll to measure Jordanian citizens’ knowledge of Jordanian foreign policy and the extent of their satisfaction with it.

The poll, which was carried out during February 15–22 period and based on a national sample, was “comprehensively representative of the Kingdom’s governorates, regions, age, and education groups” and aimed to reveal citizens’ opinions on Middle East issues, Jordan’s economic relations, and its foreign policy, he noted.

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