35 Jordanian food companies participate in Gulfood 2024

Gulfood Gulf food
(Photo: Twitter/X)
AMMAN — 35 Jordanian food industry companies are participating in the Gulfood 2024, the world's largest annual food and beverage trade show in Dubai, coordinated by the Jordan Exporters Association (JEA). اضافة اعلان

JEA’s President, Ahmed Khudari, highlights the event's importance for the global food and beverage trade. Specializing in various sectors like juice, meat, dairy, dates, and spices, the companies aim to boost Jordan's exports, enhance competitiveness, and connect with international suppliers and buyers. Khudari emphasizes the exhibition's potential to elevate the Jordanian food industry and calls for leveraging this opportunity, the Jordan News Agency, Petra reported.

 The JEA's strategic focus on diversifying participation in other industrial exhibitions also aims to drive national economic growth and attract investments, fostering Jordan's industrial sector and reserves.

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