30% of young Uber drivers hold engineering degrees, can’t afford car payments

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The Citizenship Center’s full report is scheduled to be published on May 1. (Photo: Wikimedia Commons)
AMMAN — Executive Director of the Citizenship Center Abdullah Al-Jbour told Jordan News that the center undertook 148 trips using the Uber and Careem applications in Amman during a period of 10 months in order to conduct a study on digital applications and their economic role. اضافة اعلان

In the course of these trips, the center interviewed 100 Jordanian youths working for these companies, aged between 18 and 35, and found that about 30 percent are graduates of engineering faculties and that 50 percent of their cars are owned by banks.

Jbour said that the entire study will be published on May 1, on the occasion of International Labor Day.

Civil engineer Nizar Khayyam, an Uber driver, Jordan News that “I graduated five years ago, then I decided to work with Uber because I did not find a job”.

Khayyam, who has been working for Uber for three years, stressed that the economic situation is difficult, “and it is not acceptable for me to stay at home”.

The biggest problem, in this case, is the lack of social security or health insurance, he said, stressing that “we are at risk and no one protects us”.

Khayyam stressed that a large number of drivers have purchased cars through loans, but are unable to pay the installments, “especially since the company takes 34 percent of each delivery request”.

Jordan Engineers Association Vice President Fawzi Masaad told Jordan News that the percentage “is very worrying”. He also said that the Gulf markets, which used to attract large numbers of Jordanian engineers, are no longer hiring as in the past, and a large number of engineers left the Gulf countries, which does not help the situation.

Massad added that the association cooperates with some countries in an effort to create job opportunities, stressing that’s unemployment affects the union work and is one of its most important challenges.

Social Security Corporation spokesperson YasserAl-Akroush told Jordan News that these engineers are not covered by social security “because the conditions may not apply to them”.

In order to register with the Social Security Corporation, Akroush said, an employee must work for a company or institution, receive a salary, and have a legal contract.

He added that SSC will have inspectors examine this matter.

Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research Spokesperson Muhannad Al-Khatib told Jordan News that the ministry is carrying out awareness campaigns targeting students and advising them to register for majors that offer job opportunities, “in addition to taking bold measures to reduce the number of accepted students by 30 to 35 percent in engineering majors”.

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