Activists view SSC’s maternity insurance positively

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Insured women are paid a monthly amount at the start of their maternity leave for the entire leave period, which is currently 10 weeks. (Photo: Wikimedia Commons)
AMMAN — The Social Security Corporation (SSC) on Saturday said that 11,000 women benefited from maternity insurance in 2021, at a cost of about JD12.3 million, while in 2020, the number stood at 10,000 women, at a cost of about JD11.3 million.اضافة اعلان

According to the SSC, insured women are paid a monthly amount equivalent to the last wage registered with the SSC at the start of the maternity leave for the entire leave period, which is currently 10 weeks, as specified in the Jordanian Labor Law.

The amount is paid upon the issuance of the child’s birth certificate to women working in the private sector who had subscribed to the SSC for a period of no less than six continuous months.

Women’s affairs activist Nuha Al-Muhairiz said that maternity insurance ensures that women continue to be paid during maternity leave, adding that women receive all their social security entitlements as well as an allowance for caring for their newborn for a period of six months.

“Certainly, this contributes to reducing the unemployment rate among women and encourages the private sector to enhance women’s economic participation. However, it is necessary to know the extent of the stability of the job position for these women and to guarantee their right to promotion, though the figure announced by the SSC makes us question the birth-spacing for each woman, and whether the maternity insurance is taken as an opportunity to repeat pregnancy in later years,” she said.

Governance expert and public affairs activist Badi Al-Beqa’in said that maternity insurance is an SSC program that helps enhance women’s participation in economy; women make up 14 percent of the labor force in Jordan.

Beqa’in stressed that incentives must be given, especially to the private sector, to encourage employers to appoint women, in view of the fact that some prefer to hire men, due to women’s marriage and childbearing, and that this measure will help increase women’s participation in the labor market.

He said there is need to look into the issue of women participating in the optional social security system, which does not cover maternity insurance.

“This point is very important, and it would have been better to increase the participation rate, and to provide an optional maternity insurance to participating women.”

According to Beqa’in, women who work in the private sector get pregnant but have not paid social security contribution for at least six month before do not benefit from maternity insurance, and this is unfair, given that the goal is to improve women’s economic participation, prevent discrimination by employers, and achieve job security and stability for women.

SSC spokesperson Yasser Al-Akroush reiterated the fact that maternity insurance enhances women’s participation in the private sector labor market, adding that woman are insured appreciate the benefit of contributing to the SSC and continue to do so until retirement.

He said that the figures prove the success of the SSC’s media campaigns in favor of maternity insurance, and of its campaigns to inform women of the terms and conditions of this insurance, as well as of the benefits.

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