223 patients currently suffer from tuberculosis in Jordan

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AMMAN — Most recent statistics show that 223 individuals in Jordan have tuberculosis (TB), according to Dr Suhaib Abu Al-Filat from the Monitoring Department at the Ministry of Health’s Directorate of Chest Diseases and Expatriate Health.اضافة اعلان

Filat said that all those infected with the disease, both Jordanian and non-Jordanian citizens, are receiving free follow-up care and treatment, Hala News reported.

The mortality rate from TB in Jordan is “very low”, with patients typically recovering after six months of treatment, he said.

Filat was speaking during an event launched by the National Program for Tuberculosis Awareness and Prevention in Karak on Tuesday under the framework of the Ministry of Health’s awareness-raising activities.

During the event, DrIbrahim Al-Maayah, Director of the Directorate of Chest Diseases and Expatriate Health, reviewed national efforts to combat the TB epidemic through preventive and curative care at centers across the Kingdom. “Jordan is one of the top countries globally and regionally in combatting tuberculosis,” he said.

Head of the directorate’s Tuberculosis Department Dr Khaled Akka also stated that Jordan is an advanced country in terms of addressing TB, conducting testing in many regions, especially those with high concentrations of lower-income families.

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