150,000 Jordanians receive minimum wage, says MP

Parliament debates amendments to Social Security Law

MP Saleh Al-Armouti  صالح العرموطي
MP Saleh Al-Armouti. (File photo: Jordan News)
AMMAN — MP Saleh Al-Armouti said on Wednesday that the amendment of the Social Security Law, currently being deliberated under the dome of Parliament, will affect a wide segment of Jordanian society, especially the 150,000 Jordanians who receive the minimum wage of JD260.اضافة اعلان

Speaking during Parliament’s discussions of the draft law, Armouti called on the government and the Social Security Corporation to consider those who receive minimum wage, and the level of poverty and destitution among Jordanian citizens, Ammon News reported.

According to Parliament’s agenda, the amendments aim to strengthen the governance of the Social Security Corporation by altering the appointment mechanism for the Board of Directors and the Investment Board.

Other amendments regulate the legal status of military retirees before they reach the age of 45 and stipulate an additional year of service for personnel of the Jordan Armed Forces and security agencies who were employed as of June 10, 2022.

Another amendment provides additional benefits to divorced and separated women, especially those who receive a percentage of the salary of a deceased husband or brother.

Last month, Minister of Industry, Trade, and Supply and Minister of Labor Yousef Al-Shamali stressed that the amendments to the Social Security Law for the year “would not affect the financial resources of the Social Security Corporation”.

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