IRCKHF launches initiative concerned with issues of digital gender-based violence

IRCKHF launches Salam@
(Photo: Razan Abdelhadi/Jordan News)
AMMAN — The Information and Research Center-King Hussein Foundation (IRCKHF) on Monday held a session introducing an initiative concerned with digital gender-based violence issues to a group of women activists and journalists involved in defending women’s and human rights. اضافة اعلان

The Digital Safety for Women and Youth in the MENA region Program (Salam@), that launched the initiative, aims to change perceptions and behaviors toward digital safety, increase public awareness, and build the lasting capacity of women, youth, and civil society organizations to operate safely online, its site says.

Salam@ is a multi-year initiative implemented by the Canadian SecDev Foundation in seven Arab countries: Jordan, Libya, Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco, Kuwait, and Bahrain.

The program adopts a “public health” approach to addressing online risk and violence, including online gender-based violence (GBV), through working closely with local partners.

Salam@ activities include public media campaigns, training, and awareness-raising activities, digital clinics, technical, and psychosocial support.

The initiative aims to build a network of women well-trained on internet freedom and issues of gender-based violence specifically related to the internet, and empower them to advocate and talk about gender-based violence issues.

It also intends to make a model by documenting the progress of the process and the way of implementing the project activities so that the model may be applied in the region.

The session tackled spreading awareness and increasing education related to the issues of digital violence that women are exposed to by disseminating the knowledge gained.

Participants in the session learned about digital violence in the framework of the Cybercrime Law. They were also introduced to the psychological and psychological dimensions of cyber violence against women, the role of individuals in combating gender-based violence in the digital space, as well as to the digital safety movement in Jordan and the role of activists and civil society in this regard.

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