Five last minute eid destinations

(Photos: Kimi Bississo/Jordan News file photos)
AMMAN — Making last minute plans is always exciting but the process can also be frustrating and tedious, especially if the trip you’re trying to plan for is a last minute Eid Al-Fitr escape. Brainstorming ideas and potential getaway spots with your family can be loud and confusing, as you try to maintain your excitement in the process. But not to worry, here are five last minute destinations for you and your loved ones.اضافة اعلان

The Dead Sea 

This is one of the obvious choices for a quick getaway, but for good reason. The Dead Sea is just a 30-minute drive from Amman. A variety of beautiful hotels sit along the Dead Sea’s coastline; days can be spent by the pool or at the seashore covered in the mineral-rich mud. Hotels can range from inexpensive to the higher end depending on your preference, but nevertheless there is a home for every budget. Private farms are also available for rent if you want a more homey experience. 


This seaside city provides an ideal escape as the weather begins to warm up. Swim and play in the sand, have your lunch accompanied by a breathtaking view of the Red Sea, and enjoy the many watersport activities that are provided by the hotels themselves or by nearby rentals. There are many shops to breeze in and out of while deciding which one of the many local seafood restaurants you want to enjoy for dinner.

Wadi Rum  

The only “real” getaway is to venture off deep into the desert. This classic Jordanian destination is a blend of relaxation mixed with adventure. Take your family and friends on a daytime jeep tour, where you can explore different corners of the desert within a span of a couple hours. Have your dinners served in authentic Bedouin-style tents and spend your nights by the campfire while falling asleep under the stars. The iconic desert leaves an impression that lasts a lifetime. There are endless camps and hotels in Wadi Rum to choose from at a range of price points, making it a no-brainer for a last minute trip.

Mountain Breeze Lodge and Resort 

This lodge, located in Salt, offers families a fun-filled eid in the countryside. Spend your nights sleeping in one of the beautiful log cabins surrounded by pine trees. There are a variety of activities to choose from depending on your mood: archery, hiking, pony rides, a playground for kids, and even paintball. Or you could choose to spend the entire day under the sun, lounging by the swimming pool that overlooks the Gilead Mountains. 

Mujib Chalets 

On the banks of the Dead Sea sit 15 chalets with their own private beach strictly for guests. This is a quiet and rural area with a spectacular view of the Dead Sea. This destination is truly unique. Visitors have the choice of relaxing quietly while floating in total serenity or, if you’re feeling a bit more adventurous, you can head across the street to the the Mujib Center where you can spend your day in Wadi Mujib, hiking through this river canyon and sliding down waterfalls.

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