Experts attribute community violence to drug abuse

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Drug abuser going through addiction crisis. (Photo: Envato Elements)
AMMAN — At least 91 percent of Jordanians believe that community violence is widespread in the Kingdom, a survey has found.اضافة اعلان

The survey by the Center for Strategic Studies at the University of Jordan said 14 percent of Jordanians attributed this violence to the prevalence of drugs, a notion endorsed by some experts.

Sociologist Hussain Khuzaie told Jordan News that a drug addict “turns into a violent person when he needs drugs and does not have enough money to buy them”.

“He will turn into a thief, abuser, or fraudster in order to meet his need,” he said.

“Some people start consuming drugs because of the influence of bad companions”, he pointed out. Socialization, specifically the home environment, is the first building block of an individual’s personality, and then comes the surrounding environment of friends.

Hussein Al-Mahadin, a professor of sociology and criminology at Mutah University, said that Jordan is situated in an “inflamed and violent region, and even bullying is widespread on social media platforms”.

“These conditions play a major role in the increase of violence,” he told Jordan News.

Mahadin noted that some drug addicts “mistakenly believe that they could overcome reality through a fictitious sense of drug effects”.

“When people feel that they cannot adapt with the environment or are less adjustable to life’s challenges, this pushes them more towards delinquency and drug abuse,” he explained.

According to the professor, “the availability of drugs, despite their illegality, has increased”.

He said there are two reasons for the spread of violence. “The first is attributed to drug abuse, but there is no scientific study to confirm this belief,” he said. “The second is that violence is the result of the patterns of education upon which an individual was raised since childhood.”

Psychologist Ali Mohammed told Jordan News: “The phenomenon of community violence is widespread in clear proportions in cases of domestic violence, university violence, and bullying through social media platforms.”

Mohammed added that such wrong behaviors “may be caused by upbringing in an environment in which the individual grows up and is surrounded by some wrong societal concepts that promote the culture of violence and magnify power without setting controls and limits”.

On the proliferation of drugs, he noted that “drugs are one of the forms of deviation of individuals’ behavior and are frequent in adolescence and early youth due to a lack of awareness and control on the part of parents, dissatisfaction with reality, and the clear impact of bad companions.”

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