Strained from Ramadan cooking? Try this easy baked fish

1.2 Easy Baked Fish Recipe
(Photo: Zeid Odeh/ Jordan News)
I believe at this point, most people have lost their will to be creative with Ramadan iftar ideas, and most of us are just preparing ourselves for Eid.اضافة اعلان

However, this does not mean that we should stop putting effort into the food we are cooking, but it probably means that we are more likely to choose options that save us from the hassle of preparation and clean up.

My favorite solution to this somewhat cooking burnout is to cook one-pot meals. These meals save you the hassle of cleaning up afterward, and you can serve and eat the food straight from the pot without dirtying any serving dish.

This week, I decided to touch base with the seafood side of the culinary world. While seafood is not a significant part of our weekly diet, it is important to add it because it has omega-3 nutrients that help heart health.

The fish I’m using for this recipe is a Pangasius fish, which is very common in Amman; if you wish to use any other type of fish, feel free to do so. This recipe would be great with Halibut, seabass, or sea bream.

You can cook the recipe as stated or wrap the fish in aluminum foil and chargrill it if you are going out for a BBQ trip and looking for an option on the lighter side since summer is just around the corner.

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