How to become Vegan in Jordan

While being a vegan in Jordan is not easy, vegans still have plenty of options, as more and more places cater to their diets. (Photos: Twitter/Jordan News)
AMMAN — Veganism is the conscious decision to not consume or use animal, notably in the diet. It is an ideology that opposes treating animals as commodities. Vegans, often known as strict vegetarians, abstain from eating meat, eggs, dairy products, and other goods derived from animals.اضافة اعلان

Culture perspectives

Being a vegan in Jordan is not easy, as the Jordanian cuisine is predominantly meat and dairy based; still, vegans have plenty of options as more and more places cater to their diets.

Wild Jordan Center

Located in Jabal Amman, near Rainbow Street, it has a spectacular view of Amman’s ancient city, the Citadel, and the 126.8-meter-high Raghadan Flagpole. The center has a good assortment of plant-based appetizers, main courses, and desserts.

Wild Jordan offers a wide selection of vegan options; For Saj Corner offers Falafel Saj, Grilled Vegetable Saj with tahini sauce, and Zaatar Saj, while in the Salad Corner patrons can create their own bowl of salads.

The Sweet Corner offers WJC Sugar-Free Carob Bar, and Wild Jordan Center date molasses, in addition to fresh juices.

Hashem Restaurant

Hashem Restaurant, located downtown Amman, is a popular, iconic eatery. Locals and tourists alike frequent the restaurant, which serves falafel, hummus and several vegan salads.

Hashem Restaurant is famous for serving traditional dishes such as fava beans, fattah, eggplant salad, among others.

Shams El Balad

Famous among vegans, Shams El Balad is located on Jabal Amman. The place has revived traditional Jordanian traditions.

This quaint spot overlooks the Amman Citadel. It features art by local artists. It is a café and grocery shop combination, with fresh and organic produce. Vegan alternatives and a juice bar are available.

Sufra Restaurant

Sufra Restaurant, one of the famous restaurants of Amman, is located on Rainbow Street, very popular among tourists. It serves Middle Eastern and Western-influenced cuisine, with plenty of vegan options. Fattoush, hummus, sautéed spinach and onions, and their signature eggplant salad are all must-try delicacies.
Being a vegan in Jordan is not easy, as the Jordanian cuisine is predominantly meat and dairy based; still, vegetarians and vegans have plenty of options as more and more places cater to their diets.


Koshary is a famous traditional Egyptian dish with vegan ingredients. In a nutshell, it is a hearty bowl of pantry staples, including spicy lentils and rice, as well as chickpeas and tiny pasta, all drowned in a vinegar-spiked tomato sauce. Family-style koshary is served with extra tomato sauce and crispy onion rings.


Falafel is a deep-fried fritter made with ground chickpeas, broad beans, or both. Falafel is a typical Middle Eastern dish commonly served in a pita pocket or wrapped in flatbread. Falafel also refers to a wrapped sandwich prepared in this manner. Salads, pickled vegetables, spicy sauce, and tahini-based sauces are drizzled over the falafel balls. Falafel balls can be eaten on their own as a snack or as part of an appetizer spread.

Vegan Burger

Making vegan burgers at home can be difficult as they can get crumbly. To make vegan burger patties, a variety of ingredients may be used, such as mushrooms, beans, and lentils. They are healthier than meat and have even more flavor because they are made with plant-based components and delectable seasonings. Vegan burgers are high in protein.

Meat and dairy replacements

Alternatives to meat and dairy are generally healthier. Legumes, nuts, and seeds are vegan mainstays and the traditional backbone for processed meat substitutes. Meat and milk replacements, as well as vegan products, are getting increasingly popular these days in the local market.

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