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Consistent comfort food at Buffalo Wings & Rings

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The menu at Buffalo Wings & Rings offers a wide variety of appetizers, salads, tacos, burgers, wings, and desserts. (Photos: Zeid Odeh)
Sometimes we like to delicately cut our food with polished silverware, immersing ourselves in the elegance of upscale or fine dining, and sometimes we want to get our hands dirty, devouring our favorite comfort food with reckless abandon. Buffalo Wings and Rings, with multiple franchises scattered around Amman, definitely lends towards the latter type of dining experience. This chain has proven itself worthy of a serious review after excelling as the gold standard when it comes to one thing: consistency.اضافة اعلان

Though some might consider Buffalo a fast-food restaurant due to its many fried menu options, it is technically a pub that serves affordable food and beverages, making it one of the top options for a younger crowd that wants to enjoy a night out with friends.

And this night-out dining destination never disappoints when it comes to food items. Patrons can rest assured that the chain offers consistent flavors across its branches — from wings to sauces and fries, Buffalo’s recipe book delivers the same tasty results, every time. This alone is a challenge for any restaurant.

Another star should be given to Buffalo for the continuous variety it provides with seasonal menu items. And frequent themed trivia nights give a lively vibe to the establishment. All in all, Buffalo has built a brand that attracts diners who love comfort food, affordable beverages, and fun nights out.

Wings: what they do best
The menu at Buffalo offers a wide variety of appetizers, salads, tacos, burgers, wings, and desserts. We ordered the appetizer platter, wings, the Asiana salad, and a steak sandwich from the promotional menu.

The appetizer platter consists of multiple sharing items such as onion rings, mozzarella sticks, loaded curly fries, and chicken bites. From a business perspective, platters allow customers to try out different food items, and thus bring value in providing a reference for subsequent orders. And for customers, it is a go-to option for a group wanting to share multiple appetizers at a reasonable price. The quantity of this platter was easily sufficient for three or four people, especially if you order wings for your second course.

The Asiana salad featured a massive portion size; it was probably enough for two people. The ingredients include sweet chili popcorn chicken, mixed greens, corn, cucumbers, cheese, and cherry tomatoes, with red vinegar.

I do not recall the salad being very memorable, and the dressing-to-salad ratio was noticeably low. Even though the chicken was flavorful with the sweet chili sauce, I did not finish the dish, and asked for a box to take the salad to go.

The wings with buffalo and garlic parmesan sauce never fail; the chicken was flavorful all throughout. This is a masterpiece of sorts: it takes hours of preparation for that little golden wing to reach your plate.

It’s all in the sauce
I am not sure about the full process at buffalo. Still, I would assume that the wings are placed in brine, which is a salty water mixture that helps season the chicken through to the bone. Otherwise, the chicken is likely placed in a dairy-based marinade to tenderize it. Either way, the process to a flavorful wing is time-consuming.

Another special aspect of buffalo is that most of their sauces are homemade.

The steak sandwich on the promotional menu looked too good to miss. I tried the classic option, served with cheese on buttered toast.

When you think about a steak sandwich, you want some type of juice or sauce to incorporate the meat into the sandwich, instead of chewing through a dry, tough piece of beef. Ideally, the cheese is also melty. In Buffalo’s steak sandwich, the flavor of the meat was good, but the sandwich in general was dry, necessitating the addition some ketchup and mayonnaise to make it more palatable.

The servers are usually friendly, and most of them are college students. Even though I respect the fact that this place is giving college students a chance to make a living on the side, it can be quite challenging with the huge turnover to keep a consistent service level.

Overall, you would not go to a wings-specialized restaurant for their salads or their burgers. So, setting those categories aside to comment on the restaurant as a whole, Buffalo Wings & Rings will always be one of my go-to spots for comfort food, good appetizers, and great wings. I give it a hearty recommendation for family lunches, friend gatherings, or an affordable night out.

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