At Segafredo, the avocado toast remains the breakfast star

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This year just started. But it already feels like January has been here for a long time. And given that “endless stretch of time” feeling, I decided it was time to catch up with a friend over breakfast. اضافة اعلان

Given that it was a workday, and given that I have a job that starts around the time of breakfast, this decision was slightly odd. However, two things pushed me to this decision. The first is that this year, I am following through on work-life balance. (Although I might have misunderstood the whole meaning, or maybe I am living it to the T; verdict unclear.)

The second reason that brought to question my commitment to work is my avocado toast craving.

Segafredo is a metropolitan café and restaurant located in Um Uthaina. It is popular for its breakfast service, but they also do lunch and dinner.

As we walked in, we noticed the dining area was full, which was surprising considering it was a weekday. Maybe everyone else had the same idea about work-life balance this year instead of typical resolutions.

This was not my first time at Segafredo, and I quite enjoy the seating area outside in the middle of the tent. Seating is also available inside the actual restaurant and it’s usually quieter inside than outside.

While we were seated immediately, I did notice a shortage of staff. One person was working on all those tables, which indicated that it would be quite a hassle to flag someone to assist us.

Breakfast items on the menu included pancakes, waffles, acai bowls, as well as omelets, poached eggs, and manakeesh, with some other varieties. Lunch items include salads and sandwiches.

We settled on scrambled eggs, a turkey and gouda manakeesh, eggs benedict, and, of course, avocado toast.

Segafredo’s avocado toast is special. Cheese or labneh is spread on the bottom of the toast before the avocado is spread, which brings out a certain depth of acidity that does not require avocados to be overly sour from lemon juice. It simply elevates the whole dish and brings a new balance to avocado toast. And the pomegranate seeds in the dish bring a kick of sweetness to the overall experience.

Honestly, I am not sure if Segfredo knows the hold this avocado toast has on people. I say this from experience, as many have agreed with me on this point.

Here is to hoping they stay consistent with the avocado toast because thinking of them altering the method or removing the dish does give me more anxiety than I would like to admit.
Cheese or labneh is spread on the bottom of the toast before the avocado is spread, which brings out a certain depth of acidity that does not require avocados to be overly sour from lemon juice. It simply elevates the whole dish.
Moving on. The size of the turkey and gouda manakeesh was sufficient for four people. The dough was thin — ideal for breakfast — and the ratio of turkey to gouda was sufficient. The dough was slightly overdone, though.

Even though they were ordered medium, the eggs benedict arrived well-done. We missed the picture-perfect moment when you cut into the egg and the creamy yolk drools over the English muffin. Maybe the eggs benedict also decided not to do its job for the day.

Flavor-wise it was a good dish, yet I was not satiated because the eggs could have been prepared better. This is where the shortage of staff came to play. Usually, I would send a dish back if it was not what I ordered. However, considering I work in the Food and Beverage industry and know the pressure of being understaffed, I decided to sympathize and channel my disappointment here instead.

Croissants with scrambled eggs are a beautiful idea for a plate. We got the croissant egg sandwich with a lot of scrambled eggs and fried potato balls, and sautéed mushrooms on the side. In terms of value for money, this is a great option.

I understand why most food and beverage operations do not season their eggs, and I am okay with that. However, this dish left some things to be desired in terms of preparation. The eggs lacked the scrambled aspect and instead resembled more of an omelet.

The overall experience at Segafredo was enjoyable, the food was great value for money, and it is a great breakfast place. I have yet to try it out for lunch or dinner.

Personally, I would suggest some background music to block out the volume, as it was a bit hard to concentrate on the conversation at our own table.

The server, even though pretty busy, was still friendly and hospitable. I hope he gets some extra hands to help soon.

In six words: Busy, with good value for money.
What I liked: The avocado toast.
What I didn’t like: That they were understaffed.
Cost for one: JD15
Restaurant Best For: Breakfast, friend gatherings, and families.
Rating: 4 out of 5

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