S.African parties protest parole for anti-apartheid hero’s killer

Photo taken on December 07, 1991 Newly elected secretary general of South African Communist Party (SACP) Chris Hani.

JOHANNESBURG, South Africa — South Africa’s ruling party protested outside a top court Saturday after it ordered the release of a Polish immigrant whose killing of an anti-apartheid hero in 1993 almost sparked civil conflict.اضافة اعلان

The shooting of Chris Hani took the country to the brink of a race war as negotiations to end apartheid entered their final phase.

The Constitutional Court in Johannesburg on Monday ordered the release on parole of Janusz Walus, 69, who has served nearly three decades of a life sentence for the murder.

On Saturday, the ruling African National Congress (ANC) party and the South African Communist Party (SACP) — both of which have ties to Hani — led a gathering outside the court to protest the decision.

Senior ANC member Panyaza Lesufi said more demonstrations were planned for his release — likely next week.

“Even when he leaves that prison ... he must know South Africans are not happy,” he told local media outside the court.

“We have the right to send the message to him that you assassinated our hero. He is a murderer, and he must know that.”

South Africa’s Chief Justice Raymond Zondo on Monday ordered the country’s correctional services minister to place Walus “on parole on such terms and conditions as he may deem appropriate”.

The right-wing gunman killed Hani, a hugely popular leader of the SACP and fierce opponent of the apartheid regime, one year before South Africa’s first multi-racial elections.

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