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August 18 2022 1:37 AM ˚
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Jweihan takes speed race fifth round

5 speed race
(Photo: Handout from Jordan Motorsport)
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AMMAN — Shaker Jweihan won the fifth round of the Jordan Speed Race Championship and the title for the all-wheel category on Friday at the Manja International Circuit in Madaba; driver Yazan Qattan placed second, while Gaith Werekat took third.اضافة اعلان

Driver Salem Taimeh came in first place in the rear-wheel drive category, while Amjad Hourani won first place in the front-wheel drive category. 
The race had three rounds, organized by Jordan Motorsport with the support of Zain Jordan.

The drivers went into the third round of competitions in order to achieve better times; Shaker Jweihan won the title with a time of 1:28:236, Yazan Qattan won second place with 1:28:521, and in third place came Gaith Werekat with 1:29:189 minutes. 

Fifth round of speed race results (all-wheel drive): 
1st place Shaker Jweihan, 1:28:285 minutes
2nd place Yazan Qattan, 1:28:521 minutes
3rd place Gaith Werekat, 1:29:189 minutes 

Rear-wheel drive champions: 
1st place Salem Taiemeh, 1:34:819
2nd place Ammar Al-Qaisi, 1:36:993
3rd place Fadi Shaheen, 1:36:999

Front-wheel drive champions: 
1st place Amjad Hourani, 1:36:853
2nd place Mustafa Jumaa, 1:38:691
3rd place Mohammad Al-Ezza, 1:44:208 

Classic cars race results: 
1st place Mohammad Sawalha, 1:57:177
2nd place Robert Strike, 1:57:933
3rd place Hussam Al-Hashaikeh, 1:59:006

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