Dead Sea Derby to host 17 racers

(Photo: Handout from Jordan Motorsport)
(Photo: Handout from Jordan Motorsport)
AMMAN — Jordan Motor Sports announced that 17 contestants from Jordan and Palestine will participate in the third drift derby at the Dead Sea on Friday.اضافة اعلان
According to the race regulations, the distribution of car numbers and the technical check-up on the cars at the Dead Sea, will take place next Thursday, along with a release of the race’s course.

The racing list showed that a number of distinguished drivers from Jordan and Palestine will take part: 

• Mohammad Al-Fuqahaa (BMW A30)
• Anas Al-Helw (BMW A46)
• Suhail Al-Asbah (Palestine) (BMW A30)
• Suliman Awad (BMW A36)
• Issam Al-Jamal (BMW A30)
• Nasr Haneh (BMW A36)
• Nafed Al-Suqi (A36)
• Hamdi Abu Sneneh (BMW A30)
• Arafat Al-Mahdi (Palestine) (BMW A30)
• Mohammad Nufal (BMW A90 M3)
• Firas Haneh (Opel Ascona)
• Ahmad Kaaush (BMW A30)
• Mommen Al-Dahleh (BMW A46)
• Rakan Abu Ruzeeq (BMW A30)
• Muaath Taha (BMW A46)
• Ammar Abu Hudud (BMW A30)

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