JWF signs 2-year deal with US organizations to boost sport's growth

JWF signs 2-year deal with US organizations to boost sport's growth 01
(Photos: Jordan Wrestling Federation)
AMMAN — The Jordan Wrestling Federation (JWF) has signed a two-year joint cooperation agreement with several prominent US wrestling organizations. This partnership aims to enhance the development and expansion of wrestling in the Middle East and the Arab Gulf region.اضافة اعلان

The US organizations see Jordan as a shining center in the Middle East for the sport of wrestling, enabling it to better launch in the Arab region.

USA Wrestling for Peace (USAW4P), Wrestle Like A Girl (WLAG), and Titan Mercury Wrestling Club have extended tangible support to the JWF by supplying gear, including shoes and uniforms, for male and female athletes. Additionally, they provided three mats and organized camps and tournaments for both genders, offering them opportunities to compete.

The US organizations also committed to supplying a female coach for training female athletes and grooming future coaches. They will cover the coach's salaries, coordinate with US universities to offer scholarships to exceptional wrestlers and assist the JWF in securing financial backing from external entities supporting the sport.

The president of JWF, Mohammed Al-Awamleh provided a detailed explanation of the achievements of the federation and the qualitative leap it has made in the game in less than two years, through the concerted efforts of everyone.

The number of wrestling clubs has increased from six to 28, accompanied by a notable rise in participants, reaching 800 athletes, including 40 females. This significant growth marks a resurgence of female participation after a 15-year absence when the player count stood at a mere 60 without a female contingent. Moreover, the frequency of local tournaments has increased, with 12 now held annually compared to the previous practice of hosting just one per year.

In the upcoming years, the JWF plans to enhance the base of referees and coaches, expand the presence of clubs across different regions, encourage women's participation in wrestling, and pursue the goal of qualifying for the Olympic Games.

Awamleh stated to Al-Ghad, "Women's wrestling is our current focus to expand the base and raise the technical level. We are close to standing on the podiums and achieving success in both Greco-Roman and freestyle wrestling for both genders."

Additionally, Ambassador for Wrestling for Peace, Dan Russell stated, “As an ambassador for wrestling for peace in Jordan, I am proud of the serious work and popular efforts to develop opportunities for young men and women to participate in Olympic wrestling, and I am committed to assisting the Olympic Committee and the Wrestling Federation in accomplishing their distinguished efforts. It was an honor for me to contribute to this sponsorship with the best global leaders in wrestling."

WLAG Deputy Director Amy Zirneklis also said, "The Wrestling Federation's vision to develop opportunities available to women at all levels and welcome them to the wrestling arena is an exemplary example. I am very excited about the future of women's wrestling in Jordan," while Founder Sally Roberts noted, "Achieving gender equality is a model example. The wrestling arena and administrations now have a good share of female leadership. We look forward to continuing work and opening up new horizons in the region."

Furthermore, the founder of Titan Mercury Wrestling Club, Andrew F. Barth openly acknowledged the JWF's pioneering role in the region and its noticeable impact on the global wrestling community, stating, “We look forward to continuing to support the progress of wrestling in Jordan through our partnership with the Olympic Committee and the Wrestling Federation."

Johnny Ruggiano, the Executive Director of the club confirmed their awareness of the dedication and hard work put forth by the Wrestling for Peace organization to enhance wrestling in Jordan, pointing out experiencing the warm hospitality and kindness of the Jordanian people and expressing enthusiasm for the future of Olympic wrestling in Jordan.

A member of the board of directors of Titan Mercury Club, Dr. Hooman Tavakolian further said, "We are excited to be in Jordan, which we appreciate for its history and culture. We look forward to this new agreement and cooperation to help develop wrestling and impact the lives of young men and women."

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