Most prominent young talents in the 2021–2022 CFI league

1. Samer
An undated photo of Orthodox player Fadi Qarmash. (Photo: Amjad Al-Taweel/Jordan News)
AMMAN — The first phase of the Jordanian CFI Basketball League ended with the Orthodox team leading the overall ranking amid fierce competition from Al-Wehdat and Al-Ahli teams. اضافة اعلان

It is becoming a norm to evaluate the overall level of the tournament and watch out for upcoming stars, especially among the younger players. From my perspective, as a commentator and spectator, these are some of the players that performed well:

Mahmoud Al-Hazayma (Orthodox Club) showed a well-rounded, developed performance, as well as improved physical and technical abilities. Furthermore, he showed tactical maturity on the field. His time with the national team recently provided him the platform to develop and gain more confidence.

Mahmoud Darwish (Al-Ahli) played only for the cup; he showed great talent and was one of the reasons Al-Ahly won the championship. He left for the United States to complete his studies, but he is a very promising player.

Fadi Qarmash (Orthodox Club) was not given enough time, despite his excellent performance during the minutes he played, but in the time he participated, he showed wonderful defensive capabilities and team spirit, which earned him a place in the national team. Qarmash is a promising player, and if he is taken care of, he will become one of the stars of our national team.

Ali Kanaan (Al-Jubeiha Club) is a modified version, physically, of his brother and national team star Malik Kanaan, needed some prodding to show his talent, but he is an excellent and intelligent defender, and a good shooter. He needs more training to penetrate the defense, but once that happens, he will become an overall star.

Mohammad Al-Shamali (Al-Jubeiha Club), is one of Jubeiha’s surprises this season. This 20-year-old player has great physical ability, is an excellent defender and is quick on the fast break. Unfortunately, he was injured, but his return will contribute significantly to raising the performance of the Jubeiha team.

Adham Dajani (Kufryopa Club) is fast, with lots of competitive spirit, and comprehensive, but the presence of Ibrahim Hamati in the team reduced his time on the field, as they play in the same style. That, however, did not prevent him from being called up to the national team.

Other stars appeared as well, but did not get enough play time due to the league system, which does not allow risk taking in providing minutes. I would mention: Omar Nassar, Abdullah Al-Zoubi, Mohammad Bdour, Hamzeh Tarawneh, Sanad Hattar (Kufryopa Club), Zeid Khoury, Ishaq Maraqa, Mohammad Akash, Ghassan Kurd (Orthodox Club), Nabil and Omar Abu Shareekh, Yousef Al-Barbari and Hussam Bader (Jaleel Club). They all have good abilities that only need more polishing.

The national team’s step of calling up some of them is positive. Even if they do not have the opportunity to play, just being with older stars will give them maturity and experience.

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