Most prominent CFI Basketball Premier League stars at end of first stage

2. Samer Taha
Orthodox player Malek Kanaan tries to pass in front of Al-Ahli’s Mitri Boucheh. (Photo: Amjad Al-Taweel/Jordan News)
AMMAN — I have mentioned the most prominent new faces playing for the CFI Basketball Premier League, most of them young players, but now that the features of the Top Four have become clear, I will give a comprehensive review of the best stars during the first stage of the league.اضافة اعلان

Amin Abu Hawass: There is no doubt that Abu Hawass is talented and diligent, and a main pillar of any team he plays with, but his unpredictable performance from one match to another exposed him to criticism and his individuality affected the amount of time he played with the national team. There is a big shift in his level of performance; still, consistency and team spirit are needed. A remarkable improvement in defensive performance was obvious during his team’s matches against Al-Ahli. Abu Hawass is leading in the league in attacking with an average of 27.9 points. He will be one of the most important players in the national team during the Arab championship and the World Cup finals.

Malik Kanaan: After his exclusion from the national team squad during the World Cup — he was instrumental in Jordan’s reaching it — and after an unremarkable season with Al-Jubeiha, Malik seems to have returned to his fighting spirit and speed during this season with the Orthodox Club.

His comprehensive performance and strong defensive abilities played a huge part in giving his club the lead in the league, and the seriousness with which he works during exercises, and his virility during matches are proof of that not everyone possesses the genes needed to deal with challenge that Malik does.

Mohamed Shaher: This giant who has all the elements of an integrated center player this season carried, in some matches, the burden of the team on his shoulders. He matured in attack, shows fighting spirit in defense and leadership role, improved medium-range shots, and it has become difficult for any player to stop him from becoming one of the best among the center players in Jordan.

Ashraf Al-Hindi: With Mahmoud Abdeen injured, and despite criticism of the fact that he was signed for the team, this fighter, with his strong defense and his most wonderful shots, seems to have conquered the hearts of the fans of his club. Hindi is a player that every coach would love to have on his team, and with experience, the intimidation that comes with big matches will fade away.

Mitri Boucheh’s combativeness distinguishes him from the rest. He has a lot of determination. This season, he was forced to play a key role in most matches, and he proved himself valuable to a huge degree. His shots and free throws improved, as did his speed, combativeness, and the luster that any basketball player needs.

Jordan Desouky: Three-shot range shooting is a talent, and several seasons ago we knew that Desouky had it, but could not use it as required; this season we saw a change in Desouky’s playing style and the great accuracy of his shots make one optimistic about his future, because we have a star. He must maintain his level and avoid playing aggressively, for fear of exclusion.

I am sure there are many other stars, but these were the most visible during the league games.

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