Alayyan confirms Ware participation in Arab Basketball Championship

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The American Kevin Ware. (Photo: Eurobasket)
AMMAN — President of the Basketball Federation Mohamed Alayyan revealed that the federation was going to summon the naturalized American Kevin Ware, to represent the first national basketball team in the Arab Basketball Championship hosted by the UAE from February 8–16.اضافة اعلان

Kevin Ware currently plays with the Iraqi Al-Naft Club.

In remarks to Jordan News, Alayyan said:  “Kevin Ware has been an option that has been on the table for a long time. He was unable to participate in the Asian Championship in 2017, but he will be with us in the Arab Championship.”

Alayyan also stressed that the choices of players remain restricted to the choice of the technical staff only. He added that the American naturalized Dar Tucker is the technical staff’s first choice to meet the Lebanese team in their match on February 24.

The match is within the second stage of the Asian qualifiers for the 2023 World Cup.

With regard to the state of the professional center player Ahmed Al-Duwairi who plays with the Turkish Fenerbahçe, Alayyan said: “We in the Basketball Association ensured to stay in continuous contact with the player of our national team, Ahmed Al-Duwairi … to ensure his presence in the team’s training on February 20.”

Alayyan stressed that Duwairi sent a strong message to his Turkish team which played a role in the loss of the Jordan Falcons against Saudi Arabia due to them prohibiting him from joining the team. Duwairi stressed his keenness to stand by the Flacons in their match against Lebanon.

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