Why you should be excited about Horizon Forbidden West

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Horizon Forbidden West follows Aloy, a young huntress of the Nora tribe, as she and a group of companions venture on a quest to the Forbidden West in search of the source of a mysterious plague that kills everyone infected. (Photo: IGDB)
Anyone who has owned or heard of PlayStation has probably heard of hit the game “Horizon Zero Dawn”. The highly anticipated release of the sequel, “Horizon Forbidden West (HFW),” is right around the corner, along with all the hype and talk. So, is this something everyone should be looking out for?اضافة اعلان
HFW continues telling the story of Aloy, a young huntress of the Nora tribe, as she and a group of companions venture on a quest to the Forbidden West in search of the source of a mysterious plague that kills everyone infected.

Here is what you need to know to get excited:

The worlds come to life

Guerilla Games have gone above and beyond in directing their focus on bringing the world of HFW to life. With interactive environments, a multitude of settlements (each with their own way of life), and an open world filled to the brim with intricate details, HFW allows gamers to explore these details through the settlements.

The living worlds in these “settlements” have their own personality. Every element develops a believable world untied with a realistic environment through visual storytelling. The Nora, for example, live in isolation, keeping communication with the outside world minimal. As a result, they are less technologically sophisticated than other tribes and suspicious of strangers. Their communities are composed of wood and rope, with fewer amenities compared to others.

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The Nora also depend on hunting and gathering to provide food and resources; therefore, there will be pelts, baskets, or sheaths full of arrows lying around. All of the things and people in such a colony feel are right in place, or as if they've always been there.

HFW is expected to make quite the impact upon release with all this in mind.


The world of HFW isn’t the only thing that’s been given a lot of thought. The customization for the sequel is much more extensive.

Weapons and outfits are now more visually appealing and powerful than they were in the HFW prequel. Weapons not only offer extra variety this time around, but they all also come with additional bonuses that give them an extra kick to be utilized how you see fit. If that isn’t enough, Aloy can now carry up to six weapons at once, in addition to her beloved spear.

When it comes to outfits, they have also been revamped in a similar fashion. Outfits not only give resistance to the many damages Aloy may experience in the Forbidden West but also stack bonuses on top of Aloy's Skill Tree talents. This will provide you with many different ways to mix and match bonuses, giving you flexibility in how you choose to play the game. If that isn’t enough, note that this could all be done in real-time, whether you’re in combat or not.

Exploration and combat

In HFW, Aloy's mobility is more streamlined and fluid, thanks to the fact that she can climb freely, swim underwater, glide around with her “Shieldwing,” and also grapple specific parts of the terrain.

The swimming segment of the game alone adds so much variety and content to explore while remaining visually stunning. Sure, there are bound to be baddies awaiting you, but surviving those encounters is sure to reward you with some hidden loot and lore.

With these new grappling and gliding additions, the world is truly your oyster when it comes to traversing and exploring.

The combat has also evolved in the sequel. Thanks to Guerilla Games’ intention to add more depth to the gameplay, the skill-cap for players increased by introducing new abilities such as new melee combinations and Valor Surges. Players who decide to spend some time honing their combat abilities will discover several effective and stylish methods to dispatch their opponents, while others who choose to remain simple with combat can still enjoy everything the game is offering regardless.

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This provides the players with a wider range of gameplay options while focusing on their freedom of choice.

Finally, what truly makes the combat in HFW something to look forward to is the changes in the AI enemies. The focus on improving the overall fluidity of enemies and making them a bit more adept at traversing environmental hindrances improved from the prequel. In addition to their capabilities to both jump, climb, and even look for shortcuts to get a jump on you adds a refreshing challenging dynamic to look forward to.

It seems like Guerilla Games are on the path to producing a triple-A title that everyone who owns a PS4/PS5 needs to pick up. And we’re sure that you’re all on the edge of your seats waiting for it.

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