Who should you play in Overwatch 2?

Seventeen playable DPS characters are available in Overwatch 2. (Photos: Blizzard Entertainment)
Following the release of Overwatch 2 (and given the fact that it is free), millions of players have flocked to the ever-so-popular first-person shooter (FPS) game. Newbies to the game getting ready to battle may be overwhelmed by one thing: which character should they play?  اضافة اعلان

Unlike most popular FPS games, Overwatch 2, by developer Blizzard Entertainment, gives each character their own unique portfolio, with an entirely distinct skillset. With different roles, mechanics, and playstyles for each role, it can get pretty frustrating figuring out which one is best suited for you. So here is a quick guide that fleshes out some of the differences, to help you choose your next main in this popular title.

Tanks: shot deflectors
Do you enjoy that feeling of being the first one to run into the heat of battle? And do you hate being too fragile to take a hit? Then maybe you should be playing a tank. There are currently 10 playable tank characters to choose from, each entirely distinct from the next. Let’s dissect a couple of the most popular picks based on the current meta, and find which one suits you best.

Are you looking for a tank that is capable of mitigating a lot of damage? One that can deflect bullets or even chuck a javelin to stun and knock away enemies? Then Orisa is the perfect pick for you. With the ability to negate crowd control effects (while beefing up your resistance to damage), a minigun with infinite ammo, and the power to draw enemies closer right before triggering a massive explosion, Orisa has definitely been getting a lot of love with how often she is picked.

But if you are looking for a more self-sustaining option that can easily burst down some of the squishier characters, then Roadhog could be the guy for you. With the ability to heal himself and launch a hook that pulls in enemies, Roadhog will have you feeling like a versatile one-man army.

Overwatch 2 currently has 10 playable tank characters to choose from, each entirely distinct from the next.

However, if you want a more mobile option, then maybe D.VA or Hammond would fit the bill. With D.VA’s ability to fly into the fray (or away from it) at a moment’s notice, he makes a good choice for forays. And Hammond the hamster can transform into a ball while grappling onto surfaces, like some sort of rodent Spiderman.

Big damage
Arguably the most popular role type in Overwatch 2, the damage per second (DPS) selection has 17 playable characters and long queue times. The main reason you would want to play DPS is because you want to be the main damage source on your team. You want to feel like the MVP every single time. But with such a large roster to choose from, which one should you choose?

If you are looking to become a long-range master, then consider these two characters. First, Widowmaker, the Overwatch sniper, is equipped with a sniper rifle that doubles as an assault rifle when not scoped in, a grappling hook to get into more advantageous positions, and a poisonous mine that can help you figure out when someone is sneaking up on you. Second, there is Hanzo, equipped with a trusty bow and arrow allowing him to send out a radar shot or launch a volley of rapid shots in case someone gets too close. Both of these picks are incredibly popular, so make sure to give them both a try and see which one feels best.

If sniping is not your style, then Cassidy is an overall safe choice for practice. Equipped with a revolver, a sticky-bomb, and a roll that reloads your magazine, Cassidy is great in both long- and mid-range situations.

But, if you are more in the market for a true ninja master, then maybe Genji is your guy. Throwing ninja stars, reflecting anything thrown his way, and even dashing quickly to slice through the opposition, Genji is perfect for gamers looking for a mobile assassin that can quickly reposition across the battlefield.

Lastly, if you just want to try your luck in the DPS role, then Soldier 76 is probably your safest bet. He is able to sprint around the map and heal himself with a nifty stim, and his top power is automatic aiming for shots.

A helping hand
The most underplayed role in the game, supports are nevertheless the most crucial part of the team’s composition. Sure, being a tank boy who absorbs all the shots coming your way, or a DPS who is a damage factory sounds like the dream. However, without supports, neither of these roles are going to survive long.

Supports are a crucial part of Overwatch 2 teams. Without them, tank and DPS characters would not survive long. 

There are currently eight supports in Overwatch 2, each bringing something distinct to the team. So which one is the support for you? Well, if you are looking to be a massive heal bot and predominately focus on revitalizing your teammates, amplifying their damage, and even reviving them when they die, then Mercy is the girl for you. Just be warned, you will probably become the focus of the entire enemy team, so make sure you position yourself accordingly.

If versatility is more your thing and you want to dish out some damage in the process, then take a look at Zenyatta or Kiriko. Zenyatta’s healing potential is not as high as other supports, but she has the ability to place an orb that passively heals targeted allies. Add to the mix an orb that amplifies damage on targeted enemies, and you can see why Zenyatta ends up dishing out a surprising amount of damage for a support.

Kiriko, the game’s newest character, is probably the most versatile support in the mix, with the ability to throw out heals that track your allies, and teleport to teammates who are nearby. Her ultimate ability even allows her to increase the team’s movement and attack speeds, while reducing cooldown.  

And there you have it, a short lowdown on some of Overwatch 2’s many varied characters, to help you figure out who to play when you jump into the game.

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