Vampire : The Masquerade — Bloodhunt

A refreshing take on battle royale

Vampire   The Masquerade — Bloodhunt
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Released on April 27, Vampire: The Masquerade — Bloodhunt (V:TM—B) is the latest addition to the ever-growing battle royale (BR) genre.اضافة اعلان

While many might be rolling their eyes at the fact that developers seem to continuously try their luck in releasing a popular BR game, especially with games like Apex Legends, Fortnite, and COD already cementing themselves as the big three. Nevertheless, let us delve into this new title released by developers Sharkmob AB and what makes V:TM—B stand out from the rest of the BR cluster.

In V:TM—B, players join as one of many vampires who are concealing their identity from the mortal world, and while these vampires are divided into separate factions, they all follow the same rules, which are known as the “masquerade” — a sort of law that governs their so-called secrecy.

Violating the masquerade subjugates the violator to a “bloodhunt”, or a green light allowing all other vampires to hunt and kill said violator without consequence.

Although not the most original of narratives, how it is incorporated into the actual gameplay adds an interesting dynamic that makes players feel like they need to follow the masquerade.

When starting V:TM—B for the first time, players will be tossed into the hub area, where they and other players can roam around the halls while waiting to find their next match.

In the hub, players can open the start menu to customize their character, check their challenges, and go through the game’s extensive library of weapons and lore. When a game is finally found (which does not take long at all), they are directed to the deployment phase of the game, where they pinpoint where they want to spawn on the map, followed by a character selection phase.

There are four classes in V:TM—B, each under a faction, three of which also have subclasses. These subclasses are pretty much the same, with a slight difference in their passive abilities.

These classes are what I think makes V:TM—B such a fun experience, as each requires the player to adapt to a certain playstyle to shine. Whether players choose to play Brujah’s Brute, which has a very in-your-face sort of playstyle, or Nosferatu’s Saboteur, which provides players with a kit to sneak around and set up poisonous traps around the area, the game keeps players on their toes regardless of their preferred class.

The looting system in this game is great; characters pick up ammo and heal automatically if they run over new objects. With simple and straight-to-the-point indicators of weapon rarity and power, players can make swift decisions without affecting the pace at which they’re playing.

Finally, the interesting twist this game throws at players is giving them the ability to heal off of mortals who are wandering the streets of the city, but be cautious — if a mortal sees you feeding off another, the bloodhunt is on, and your position is revealed to the other players who are out to get you.

Unlike most BRs that are being released, V:TM—B is a third-person shooter, so for those who are avid Fortnite players, this game should feel natural in your hands.

The game feels great to play, but movement can be clunky at times. However, with enough practice, players will be hopping between buildings and soaring through the sky before they know it.

The looting in the game is quick, which gives players the ability to focus more on the actual combat they are having. And although it can feel overwhelming at times, do not fret, as every match has players start with one extra life, with the opportunity to net another once depleted.

Everything about V:TM—B makes you want to jump right back into the action, and after playing so many BRs myself, it has been a breath of fresh air.

It’s not often that a new BR piques my interest, especially one that happens to be a third-person shooter. But, V:TM—B has been nothing but a genuinely entertaining experience from the get-go.

There are things I wish were done just slightly better, but that is to be expected with any game that is newly released. So, if you enjoy traversing tall buildings, and strategically finding humans to feast on while having the capability of playing anyway that suits your playstyle, then V:TM—B is a definite must-try for BR lovers.

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